192 the eve of the run

How about we sneak in through the warehouse next door?
With this.
 I show Camilo the knife in my pocket.
I'm gonna cut through the wall of the warehouse next door with this thing and get in through there.

 I think it depends on the thickness of the wall, but if the blade is about 10cm long, it should be able to cut through unless the wall is too thick.
I see. ......
The problem is, of course, that it can't be undone.
That makes it a bit tricky to escape.
 You'll find out soon enough that Helen is gone. If there was a hole there, it would be obvious where she had escaped from.
 It's not like there's no sound at all, so you have to assume that you'll be detected to some extent.
 It would be easy to find out who rented the surrounding storage space at that time with a little research.
 Camilo ponders and then opens his mouth.
"In case of chaos, we can push through from the front, but sneaking in from elsewhere might be tough unless we can buy some time.
But there's no other way.
 To which Franz replied.
 I asked Camilo.
Is it to our advantage that Helen's captivity is a secret?
Yes, it does. If we get her out of there, it might clear things up. The fact that we can't show people out in the open is a disadvantage in this case. Just .......
That means there's a good chance they'll come with a small elite.
That would be a problem.
Yeah. But that's what you're here for, isn't it?
That's true, but...
 I shrugged my shoulders at Camilo's words.

So when do we do it?
I'd like to wait for that thing, but if it's too late, I might get transferred. I'd like to wait until the day after tomorrow at the latest.
Until then?
We'll pretend it's ...... business as usual and check out that warehouse. I'll leave that to Franz.
 You'll be able to find a lot more information on the web. If there is any movement, Franz will come flying in.
 I'll have to think about what to do with the repairs I'm undertaking at that time.
 Even though it's a temporary job, I don't want to end it too hastily, but if I can't, there's nothing I can do. We should also consider the possibility of ending the job there and not paying for it.

 After that, the three of us decided to go around the market and do some shopping. We went to various stores and bought things that you don't see on the streets.
 It's partly camouflage, but there's a good chance that we'll have trouble getting around in the Empire, so we're going to stock up on things that are expensive only in the Empire while we can. That's very clever.
"Oh, yes.
 Camilo calls out to me as if he's remembering.
"Let's give him this while we're at it.
 He pulls out a wooden bill from his pocket. I took it and looked at its surface.
 It said "Pass" and that Jimmy was from the kingdom and had the right to return.
"Yeah. Just in case you need to get away with it. Okay.
"But ......
 I'm here to get Helen back. And I thought Camilo and Franz would be with me when I left.
 It may be the worst case scenario, but I still want to make it back with this group. I was about to say so.
 But I had to nod my head in response to Camilo's unusually uncompromising spirit.