193 kick off

The next day, I decided to rent a warehouse behind the target for a week as a temporary storage space.
The procedure is carried out by Mr. Franz. Under a false name, of course.
Mr. Franz will work in the warehouse and keep an eye on the target.

We're still open at the free market as we were the day before yesterday. Business as usual.
We're getting a lot of repair orders, probably because we got a good reputation in the last two days.
I was wondering what would happen to you since you weren't here yesterday. I'm glad you're here today.
That's what some customers say. As a blacksmith, I'm happy, but it's complicated when I think about the situation now and later.
The Camilo seems to be selling very well, but I wonder if he's feeling the same way I am.

There's been a lot of repairs.
I called out to Camilo as I tapped the sword on the anvil.
You're right. If you need this many repaired swords, you might want to check out .......
Camilo slurred his reply. There's only one thing I can think of that requires a lot of weapons and can't be talked about too openly.
If you think that the revolution is about to take place, it makes sense that you need a lot of weapons.
This city is a commercial city, but conversely, it is also a place where a lot of money and goods are accumulated.
If we can control it, we will have an advantage in supply, and conversely, it will be easy for the Empire to tighten its supply.
If the only thing you want to do is to stop the Empire's supply, you don't need to overwhelm it completely. All you have to do is to create chaos and make them malfunction.
But even so, it's a large city, and there will be a certain number of people.

There seems to be no common denominator among the people who ask for repairs, but this is understandable when you consider that people from various walks of life are in need of the service.
I can only think of one reason why people from all walks of life would need it all at once.
"I guess I'd better be careful.
We exchanged a few words, and Camilo and I went back to our work.
In the end, Mr. Franz did not come running in during business hours.

That night, the three of us talked about how we were going to break in the next night, and I went back to my room.
While I was asleep, I heard a strong bang on the door of my room. I jumped up.
Who is it?
It's me!
It was Camilo who answered the voice. I rush to open the door.
"What's wrong?
Can't you hear me? It's happening!
I was too sleepy and upset to notice, but if I listened carefully, I could hear the ringing of the bells.
So, it's started. I hurriedly prepared to go outside and the three of us ran out of the inn.