194 rise to one's feet

 When I went outside, there was a lot of noise all around.
 It's nighttime, but of course there are no streetlights, only torches moving here and there like human souls. The surroundings are bright.
 I called out to Camilo.
"What do we do?
Camilo replies, "We're going to push it head on, but let's see if we can get there.
 Camilo answers. Camilo replies, "There are Revolutionary Guards here and there. There were Revolutionary Guards (?) everywhere, and it was bright and sunny, so we could see them.
 But it won't be as smooth as it was in the daytime. But it would not be as smooth as in the daytime, and it would be painful at a time when every second counts.
Let's take the torches for sale and go as far as we can without setting them on fire. If we run into the revolutionaries on the way, we can pretend to join them and get a fire.
 Camilo suggested, and Franz and I nodded. Mr. Franz ran quickly in the darkness.
 It was almost pitch black, but his body language was very quick.

"Hey, Franz-san, you're no ordinary gentleman, are you?
 When Franz-san was out of sight, I asked Camilo.
 There are too many things he can do for a mere priest. It may not be something a blacksmith who can do many things would say, but...
Oh, ....... Well, there you have it.
 Camilo muddled the details, but whatever the case, he was definitely not a priest by trade.
 A blacksmith who can do many things, a priest who can do many things, and a peddler who has connections all over the place.
 It's hard to find a more suspicious trio if you know who they are. The guards in this town may not have time for that right now.

 Franz has returned. He's got three torches in his hands. It's not an easy task to find and bring them in the dark.
"All right, let's hurry.
 I said this to no one in particular, and ran out of the inn as fast as I could.

 Franz is leading the way. It's all I can do just to keep up with his unhindered steps.
 After all, I cannot run as fast as I would in the daytime. I can only walk fast at best. I want to get a light as soon as possible.
We're about halfway there!
 When Franz said this, a light appeared at the corner of the street. If it's the Revolutionary Guards, fine, but if it's the guards, it's a bit tricky.
 I pulled out the shortsword I had on my hip, and Mr. Franz positioned himself a little further away.
 The two men who emerged from the corner were wearing leather armor and carrying unsheathed longswords.
 The leather armor had no coat of arms. If they were guards, they would have the badge of the house or city that employed them, like the badges of the policemen in the previous world.
 The absence of this means that .......

"Comrades of the revolution?
 Camilo calls out to the men. The men are still on guard.
"Don't worry, we just joined them and we're going towards the warehouse district. I'm sorry, but we need to share that fire.
 Camilo points to the torches that the men are holding. I sheath my shortsword to show that I'm not hostile.
 The men tilt their torches toward me. Franz brings the torch closer and lights it.
 The men left, still cautious. I don't know if they were revolutionaries or firebombers.
 But it doesn't matter now. It'll speed up our movement, that's all that matters.

 We'll move faster now that we have light. We're running instead of running fast.
 Thanks to this difference in speed, we reach the warehouse a little slower than we did in the daytime.
 Around the warehouse, men were moving hurriedly. I wondered if Helen had already been transported.
 I had to get into the warehouse to find out.
Push through!
 I shouted to the men, who were alerted by the approaching torches.