195 rescue

 After shouting, I quickly switch the torch and draw my sword from its sheath. Some of them ran away when they saw me, but a few of them stood up to me.
 I threw the torch in the air, pretending that I was going to ...... swing my sword down. It's a good idea to keep your eyes on the road and not on the road.
 I'm not going to miss it and slash at it. There seemed to be a considerable difference in skill to begin with, but I was able to cut down some of them easily by creating an opening.
 The survivors also attacked me with weapons in their hands, but I dispatched them all with my sword and cut them down.
 After killing about five of them, Franz joined me and said, "I'll take care of the rest." I picked up the torch I had thrown at him and ran toward the open area.
 The confusion around me and the noise of the battle just before me seemed to have dispersed the people inside, and the place was quiet and still.

 Even with my sense of combat cheats, no one seems to be hostile to me, but if someone is lurking, it's bad.
 Feeling frustrated, I walked deeper and deeper into the room.
 Originally, torches were not allowed in this place because of the risk of ignition. It was also difficult to keep the flames from spreading to our belongings.
 We reached the far end of the warehouse, but there was no sign of anyone. But I could sense someone was there.
 I waved my torch and looked around. There were boxes piled high, probably filled with goods.
 If you look carefully, you can see that there is a gap in one corner. It was just enough for a person to pass through.
 To prevent the fire from spreading, I lowered my torch and walked through the gap. You can feel the heat, but you don't have to worry about it.
 When we passed through the gap, we found ourselves in a small space. There is no smell of human waste, but there is a slight odor of human body. There is also a presence, so there is no doubt that someone is there.
 There was no luggage up there, so I held up the torch to see what was going on, and I saw a figure moving about. I hurried over to it.

 He was lying on the ground, but I recognized his slightly grown red hair. Her legs seem to be shackled so that she cannot escape.
 She's alive because she's squirming, but she doesn't seem to be in the mood to do anything.
 I called out to the fallen figure. The figure freaks out and slowly turns its head towards me.
"Eizo, ......?
 The face with the sword wound was completely worn out, but it still had some charm. It's a face I know.
"Yeah. It's me. I'm here to help. Wait for me, I'll break the shackles now.
 Helen pulls herself up. But she doesn't have her usual strength. I wonder how long I've been a prisoner. I'm angry at the people who took me prisoner, but I have to get them out of here first.
 I put the torch on the floor and approach Helen. Then she grabs me tightly and doesn't let go.
"Oh, hey, Helen.
"Hey, Helen." "Eizo, Eizo, .......
 I call out to her, but she grabs my arm tightly.
 After all Helen had been through, I couldn't just shake her off.