196 escape

You're gonna be okay. You're safe.
 I spoke to Helen to calm her down and gently removed my arm from her grip.
 I slowly bend down and look at the shackles. I don't think I can break the shackles themselves, but the lock on them is simple enough that I can break it with my knife.
"Stay put.
 I called out to Helen again, and put the knife to the lock and put some pressure on it. It didn't quite cut through the lock, but I was able to cut a thin section.
 Shackles were placed on both feet. I cut off the other one in the same way.
 When I looked at the knife, I could see that the blade had spilled a little. So you can cut the same piece of steel with a knife, but only spill the blade. ....... This is a little scary for me.
 However, on the other hand, if cutting two thin pieces of iron causes a spill, it would probably be difficult to cut through the bars and get out, even if you had my custom-made model hidden.
 I don't know about the shortsword I gave to Helen.

 That shortsword, of course, is nowhere to be found.
 Franz and Camilo are still waiting outside for us to escape, so there's no time to look for them. It hurts a little to have it spilled into the hands of the Empire, but it can't be helped.
 Removing the unlocked shackles from Helen, I picked up the torch and propped her up on my shoulder. Helen quietly put her arms around my neck and clung to me.
Is there anything you really need to take with you?
 I asked Helen in a low voice.
"The sword. ......
 "I'll hit that again.
I'll hit you with it again, so give it up for now.
 Helen nodded her head as I said this. Slowly Helen and I walked out of the warehouse.

 As we entered the warehouse, we saw a figure holding a torch. It's Camilo and Franz.
"Are you two okay?
 I called out to them and they nodded.
Looks like everything went well there.
Yeah. I was afraid we wouldn't be here, but I'm glad I was right.
All right, let's go.
 I dumped the torch on the floor and took Helen in my arms in what I call a princess hug. I couldn't do a fireman's carry, but it would take too much time to hold her by the shoulders.
 I was expecting her to protest, but surprisingly, she clung to me and remained quiet.
"You're the knight who saved the princess, aren't you?
 Camilo says lightly.
"If you're going to be a knight, you'll have to bring her home safely.
 I replied lamely. The place that had been so tense relaxed a little.
 But in the next moment, everyone pulled themselves together and started running into the darkness outside.

 This area, which had been relatively calm when we first came here, was becoming increasingly noisy, and we could hear shouts and screams. The number of people had increased considerably.
 I saw that there was a fire in the distance, and it seemed to be quite loud.
Move, move!
 We ran through them. Perhaps the fact that we were running with Helen in our arms had helped, but no one was trying to get in our way.
 They probably think we are carrying the injured. I'm not too far off.
 Helen is bigger than me. Helen is bigger than me, and she weighs a lot, but she doesn't feel too heavy to me because of my increased muscle strength thanks to the cheat.
 I looked at him while he was running, but he kept his head down and remained quiet.
 He must have been suffering from the time he was trapped. With that in mind, I continued to run as fast as I could to get out of this town as quickly as possible.