200 one's way home

 Rocky mountains can be seen in the distance, and the carriage goes along the road like a crayon line drawn on the desolate plains. There are a few clouds in the distance, but the weather is not bad yet.
 The streets are not yet filled with refugees, but the number of people evacuating on foot is becoming more and more noticeable.
 Helen was looking at the people on the street without saying a word, one hand still gripping the hem of my dress.
 Although she had calmed down somewhat and was looking better, it had been less than a day since her rescue.
 It's not like I was able to inform Helen of the rescue beforehand, so I guess my emotions haven't caught up with the sudden change in the situation, so I left it at that.

I thought there was another city ahead.
 I don't think my pursuers can do anything too spectacular under the current circumstances, but I talk to Camilo while keeping an eye on my surroundings.
"Yeah. That's the town we passed on the way here.
No sign of the carriage from there, which means it's ......
The one we came out of is the one heading to the imperial capital. So of course we're going the other way.
We're not planning on doing that, but we can't resupply in that city?
No. I don't think we can get in there in the first place. I'd like to think it'll be a little less crowded since we're a little further away from the main road.
It'll be tricky if it's crowded with people evacuating.
 It will be troublesome if the pursuers approach us while we are stuck. Depending on the situation around the city, you might want to consider going off the road.
 When I asked Camilo about this, he replied, "It would be better to do so. That's what I thought.

 As the sun passed mid-heaven, we began to see people crowding the streets in the distance. People were gathered around the intersection of Dingji Road and some were taking a rest, perhaps because of the time of day.
What do we do?
"Let's go around. It's not a good idea to stop here.
 I asked, and Camilo motioned for Franz to turn around.
 The further we go off the road, the worse the shaking gets. But thanks to the suspension, albeit a simple one, the shaking was not as rumbling as I had expected.
Is it noticeable by the way it shakes?
"Maybe a little. But it's just an uncomfortable feeling at this level, and no one will notice the proper mechanism. I'd like to avoid being seen as much as possible, but it can't be helped.
 Camilo says. The suspension is hidden, and I don't think they'll notice unless they get too close and peek, but the way it shakes makes it too conspicuous, which makes it easier for their pursuers to identify them.
 But we can't afford to waste time here. We don't know if the uprising in that city was ultimately successful or not.
 The way the city looked when we left, I'd say it succeeded, but if it had been suppressed, we'd have noticed Helen's escape sooner or later. At that point, the chaos would give the pursuers an advantage.
 No one would think it suspicious under the circumstances even if she was riding away.

 So we took a large detour around the intersection of the road connecting the city and the street. I was alerted, but few people were paying attention to me. Almost everyone seemed to be occupied with themselves.
 Most of the people who looked at me simply looked at the carriage because it was passing by, and did not seem to be looking at me sharply or in any way alarmed.
 However, I'm not a professional guard, so I don't know if that's true. I don't even know if I'm getting any cheats in this field. .......
 Relieved to have gotten through the situation, the carriage continued on its way to the kingdom. After today, we'll finally reach the gate.