201 To the checkpoint

 After a while of avoiding the crowded streets, the number of people and carriages began to dwindle.
 Almost all of them were heading out of the empire. Only rarely did I see people or carriages heading in the opposite direction - towards the center of the empire.
 I wonder if they left their families and loved ones there. I have no way of knowing the reason, but I hope they will achieve their goal safely.
 As for the others, we haven't completed our objective yet either.
 Franz put the carriage back on the road, which was less busy, and increased the speed. Once we've gone as far as we can go today and set up camp, we'll literally have to face the final obstacle.

 As the sun began to set, they turned off the road again and prepared to make camp. Helen was already feeling much better, and she was able to help us set up the camp easily.
 Helen is already feeling much better and is helping us set up the camp. I'll leave it up to him, but I'll keep an eye on him.

 For dinner, I threw in some ingredients from the cargo and had soup and hard bread.
 We had some spices on board, as peddlers do, so I asked Camilo to let us use them. I also told him that if there was any problem, I would deduct the amount from the next payment. Camilo slowly shook his head.

"No one's going to take it, so eat slowly.
 I smiled at Helen as she began to gobble her food.
I smiled at Helen as she began to gobble her food. "It's always good to eat well, but quickly, isn't it?
 Helen replied with the same cheerful voice she had when she was at home. Helen replied in the same cheerful voice she had used at home.
No, this isn't a battlefield, ...... is it?
 We still have things to get through, and there's no guarantee that our pursuers aren't headed our way. In that sense, we are not in a state of mind to relax.
 Even if we return to the kingdom, we won't feel safe until we get home. I followed Helen's example and ate my dinner a little hurriedly.

When we pass through the barrier tomorrow, you and I will go our separate ways.
 When everyone's stomachs were full, Camilo said to me.
"Hmm? Why?
"Because in a situation like this, it's quicker for each of us to identify ourselves separately than to have an extra person on board.
Because they'll suspect you of being a refugee?
 In any case, my ID is something of a forgery, but it's not something I can provide in this mess, so it must be somewhat less suspicious.
 I guess it's safer to come on foot and get it out yourself than to ride in the carriage of someone who might be able to provide it.
"All right. Helen, do you mind?
 When she felt hungry, she felt sleepy. Helen replied, somewhat vaguely.
"You're going to sleep the rest of the day, Helen. We'll keep watch.
 After we put Helen to bed, the three of us decided to share the watch, and the rest of us fell asleep with blankets pulled over our heads.

 Nothing much happened that night. While I was on watch, I occasionally saw a torch going down the street, but there was not a single figure approaching us. I guessed that no one had time to pay attention to me.
 Everyone got up and got into the carriage to leave. Perhaps because of the difference in speed, the streets were even more sparsely populated than yesterday.
 Our carriage is going through there. When I look at the people walking, I see that they all look tired. Some of them must have been walking all day.
 I want to give them a ride, but I can't take them all, and I'm in a hurry. I apologized in my heart and prayed to the statue of the goddess of the pocket for their blessings on the way.

 The carriage speeded up a bit because of the sparseness of the traffic, and by midday we were near the gate, Franz said. I tried to take a look, but I couldn't see it yet.
We'd better get down there," Camilo said.
 Camilo said, and we got out of the carriage, me with my luggage and Helen with a backpack full of food and stuff, since we didn't have anything to take with us.
I'll see you later.
 We waved goodbye to Camilo.

Let's go, then.
 I called out to Helen and she followed me.
 I missed the feeling of walking on this kind of road. We used to take Krull's carts to get to the city, and horse-drawn carts to get here and on expeditions. I feel as if it's been a long time since I was pulling a cart.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
 I thought he would have been imprisoned for a certain period of time and that his legs would have wilted, but he was walking with a firm gait.
I'm sure you'll be fine with that, but be careful with your surroundings.
Yeah, sure.
 Helen smiled and said with a slightly different look on her face, wearing a wig. On our way we could see the barrier, crowded with people. This is it.
 Helen gently grabbed the hem of my dress, and I tightened my sash in my mind.