202 I'm afraid I'll be back.

 Helen and I lined up behind the people at the gate. The carriages and people were all lined up together.
 I thought that in such a situation, they would stop the departure completely and turn everyone away, but it seems that this is not the case as the line is moving forward little by little.
 We don't know if they don't know what's going on or if they have some other purpose for not stopping us.
 But it would be convenient if we were not turned away without question. If we were to be turned away, we would have had to be prepared to cross the mountain, but if not, we would be saved.

 People came one after another behind us and formed a line. Unlike the previous world's two festivals in summer and winter, they were not lined up in an orderly fashion, but were just stretched out in a disorderly fashion in horizontal lines of four to six people each.
 Looking ahead, I saw Camilo's carriage a little ahead. Mr. Franz was slowly moving the carriage. He doesn't even look at me.
 It's partly because he doesn't want us to know that he's involved, but also because there's a lot of people on foot around here, and he doesn't know where they are.
 Helen, on the other hand, is right on my heels. I told her to do this to protect her, because if anything happened to her after coming all the way here, all the trouble would be lost.

 Before we got here, while there were still few people around, we talked about the "setup" for me and Helen.
 Jimmy, a craftsman living in the kingdom, met and married his wife from the empire, and now that he has returned to the empire to attend to her parents' business, he is on his way back to the kingdom.
 His parents live in a small village, so we don't know exactly what happened, but we do know that something happened.
 The scenario was that they had to go back to the kingdom at least once, and they wanted to do so as soon as possible.
 When I told her about the situation, Helen said with a surprised look on her face.
"Attai and Eizo are married?
I know you're not happy with this old man, but you'll have to be patient. It's just until we get out of here.
No, that's fine, but ......
 What is it then?
Don't you hate ......, Eizo?
No, of course not.
I'm a big guy. I've got scars on my face.
It's okay. I know some people don't like it, but I just don't.
 I think you have a pretty face, just with a few noticeable scars. I think she's tall and slender and has a genuinely beautiful body.
 I don't want to go that far, because I might get a taste of Helen's real fists.
"I see. ......
 Hearing my words, Helen looked down. So I didn't see Helen's face turn red, nor did I see her look happy.

 A long time had passed since we got in line. At least long enough for both of us to get hungry and gnaw on the dried meat we had in our luggage.
 That's distracting because we're moving forward, but if we don't, it's going to be a riot.
 When I look back, I see that the street is filled with a crowd of people. It's like the main street of a royal city.
 Looking ahead, I can see the gate of the barrier. There are some people coming from the kingdom side to enter the empire, but most of them seem to be turning back when they see the situation.
 When we came here, the way out was also crowded, but not as much as this.
 Still, there were people entering the Imperial side. Probably people who originally lived in the Empire.

 More time passed and Camilo's carriage was being processed.
 His pass was endorsed by an important person, so his luggage seemed to have been checked in a straightforward manner. They pass through the gate relatively quickly. Neither Franz nor Camilo looked back.
 I don't think they had the slightest idea that we might not make it through. That trust tickled me a little.
 And then it was our turn. Helen squeezes my hand. A completely exhausted-looking guard stares at Helen and me.
 I'd be wary of him if he was watching Helen's face, but so far he's not.
 I took out a pass from my pocket and handed it to the guard. The guard takes it and examines the pass.
"You're from the Kingdom, aren't you?
"Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Who's your wife?
That's my wife. She's from the Empire.
She's a bit older than you.
 The guard furrows his brow quizzically. I gently lifted Helen's hair - it was a wig - and showed her the scar.
"No one will take her with this face," I said. I thought she was pretty, so I took her as my wife.
 When I said this, Helen slapped me on the shoulder with a red face. I don't know if it was an act or not, but the guard's face relaxed slightly when he saw that.
"I see. There's nothing wrong with the pass, so you can go.
 The guard indicated with a hand gesture. I stifled my inner excitement.
"Thank you, sir.
 I stifled my inner excitement, said, "Thank you, sir," and took Helen's hand.