204 hurry home

 We chat for a while with the servant of Marius' house, who has probably come to pick us up.
 However, we don't talk about each other's background in detail. We just talk about relatively trivial things in the kingdom.
 Just like what I had overheard earlier, the kingdom seems to be in a state of peace at the moment.
 Come to think of it, is it possible that we're the ones who can get the word out about the revolution in the empire to the center of the kingdom the fastest? It's kind of like being a spy.
 Well, the request itself was to infiltrate the enemy country and rescue the hostages, which sounded half-spy and half-dumb, so I guess it's not too late.

 I took a break to talk with him, but now that I've recovered enough energy and I'm not in a state to relax as much as I look, I decided to leave.
 The servant of Marius's house somewhat deliberately told us that he was going with us to the halfway point for our mutual safety, and we set off together.

 Leaving a crowded place. There are not a few people leaving in the same way, but not many either. It is possible to talk to them without being heard if you keep a little distance.
 We walked along the road in the plain where we could see a few people. I wonder how far ahead Camilo and the others are. I would like to return home as soon as possible.
 After a while, when there were no more people around, the servant gave his name. She said her name was Katerina.
 As she knew my name, I introduced her to Helen. Helen said, "Nice to meet you," and bowed her head.
"Pleased to meet you. I wasn't expecting to meet the Lightning."
 Katerina returned the greeting with some tension. He was a martial artist. ....... I guess she's happy to meet someone who's made a name for herself in the military. The same is true for Deanna.
That name has fallen to the ground.
 Helen says in a dark voice. I shook her hand and said.
I'll make you a new one, and you can still start over. But for now, why don't you take a break?
"Eizo ......
"Looking at you like this, you two are like a real couple.
 Katerina mixed my words back up. I blushed and looked away from Helen.
 It's not like I'm a high school student, and I think it's very new for an old man who's over 40, but unfortunately I don't have many experiences like this in my previous world, so I don't know how to deal with it.
 Helen seemed to be doing the same, but she didn't shake my hand off.

 A little further on, they saw a carriage parked on the side of the road. She could feel Helen's body stiffen. Perhaps it was a flashback to before she was captured.
It's okay, it's Camilo's.
 I speak to Helen in the softest voice I can muster. Helen relaxed a little.
 As I slowly approached the wagon, a familiar face peeked out of the back and smiled. It's Camilo.
You're late.
You see that place where all the people hang out just outside the gate? That's where we took a little break.
Oh, I see. You guys had to line up on foot. ......
 Camilo was easily convinced by my explanation.
"Okay, get in.
 At his urging, we got into the carriage.

I'm not sure if you've heard of Katerina.
 I asked Camilo, wondering why he hadn't asked about Katerina when there were more people in the carriage.
"Yeah. I asked the Count to come and check on you in about a week. You know, just in case.
If you hadn't come out for a few more days, I would have gone into the Empire to track down Eizo-sama and the others.
 "If you hadn't come out for a few more days, I would have gone into the Empire to track down Eizo-sama and the others. The fact that Marius, and not the Marquis, is the one who asked for backup in case of emergency is a bit of a problem, but Camilo must have had some kind of plan.
 For now, let's just focus on the fact that the odds of getting home safely have gone up dramatically, I thought as I gave them a vague reply and got into the carriage.