205 The kingdom is nothing.

 The wagons rattled along the road. There must have been a town some distance after the gate. When we came to the city, we stayed there for a night and headed for the gate.
 There were rather a lot of people, so we didn't drive as fast as we did in the empire. The only way to achieve that speed without worrying about people is to wait for mass production.
 Now that we know that it can withstand practical use, the day is not far off.

 While I was looking forward to it, Camilo and Katerina started talking.
"Speaking of which, is it working yet?
"Yes, it is. It wasn't on a very large scale, but it seems that some people in the capital have noticed it.
That was really close, wasn't it?
What are you talking about?
 I asked Camilo.
It's about the Marquis.
Oh, .......
 He's talking about taking advantage of the chaos and taking a little of the Empire's territory. From the way you said it, I'm guessing the troops have already moved.
 I wonder what will happen to the barrier. I don't want to see any damage on either side.
 Considering Helen's situation, I didn't ask any more questions.

 The mountain where the gate used to be is now far away. It was getting safer little by little, but it was not completely safe.
"Hey, Helen.
 As Camilo was asking Katerina about the recent situation in the city and the capital, he called out to Helen, who had been very quiet since she got on the carriage, and she turned to him.
What are you going to do when you get back?
"Hmmm ......, I don't know .......
 She didn't seem to have anything in particular in mind. Helen turned her head and began to think.
"Oh, ...... that's the thing, Eizo.
 It was Camilo who replied instead.
"Can you keep it at your place?
"My place?
"Where do you think is the safest house in the whole kingdom?
Probably ours.
 Unless you have a house on the top of a mountain that you can see on your way to the capital, it's possible that our house is one of the safest houses in the world, if not the kingdom, because it's in the middle of a dangerous forest and has magic to keep people out. It's made of wood.
If it bothers you, it's fine.
 That's what Helen said. But I shake my head.
It's not a problem. I don't mind if Helen does.
What about the others?
I don't think they'll mind.
 Samija, Rike, Diana, Liddy, and Krull. There are four of us in the family, plus one dog, and we're all very friendly. I can't imagine Helen, who I know and have stayed with, being opposed to becoming part of our family (temporarily or not).
"We've added another family since then. It's very crowded.
"I see. I'll go.
It's settled!
 Camilo closed the carriage in a loud voice, and the atmosphere on the carriage became a little more cheerful.

 After that, I joined him and we talked about the city. It seems like we've been away for a long time, but it's only been eight days or so, so nothing too serious has happened.
 The revolution in the empire did not seem to have reached us yesterday, only that the marquis was secretly moving a very small army, and those with good ears noticed it and wondered what was going on.
Still, it's going to be a bit of a mess from now on.
 I said, and Camilo said.
"Yeah. There won't be any talk of revolution in the kingdom, but there will be people fleeing the empire, and even if we can put it down quickly, the empire will be busy in the country until it settles down.
 Then there will be other countries that will think the same as the kingdom.
 He replied. Whether this thing that's happening a little too close to home succeeds or fails, there's no way it won't affect the Kingdom.
 I'm sure Camilo will make a lot of money from it, and I'm sure he's already prepared, but I'm just an old blacksmith. I'm just a blacksmith. I'd rather live in peace.
Please don't let it fly. ......
I won't let that happen. I won't let it happen, and neither will Marius.
 Camilo declared in a strangely clear tone, and Katerina nodded vigorously.