206 on a camping night

"Are you staying in town today?

 I asked Camilo. It's not going to be easy to get back to town today.
 It was long past noon when we passed through the gate, and it seemed certain that the sun would be gone by then.

 Nevertheless, it would be difficult to enter the town. Even though they hadn't arrived yet, it was the closest town to the gate. If there are pursuers, they will no doubt come looking for us.
 If we stay in the town at that time, they will find us, and all our efforts to avoid detection will be for naught.

No, I'm going to stay here as long as I can. I'm sorry ladies, but I want to keep my distance from the gate.

 Camilo replied. Camilo replied.

All right.

 I nodded to Camilo and looked at Helen and Katerina. Both of them nodded.
 I was surprised that Helen and Katerina were okay, but then I remembered that she had come here alone.

 Maybe she was working at the same job as Helen before she started working at Marius' house.
 Well, it's best not to look into a woman's past. I decided to stay out of it, as long as they were okay with it.

 We passed through the town on the way, just as Camilo had planned.
 We had only been there once, but there was no guarantee that anyone would remember our faces due to the nature of the business, and it would have been difficult to make any other choice than to go through.

 We were well past the town, and just as the sun was about to turn the road and the plain the same orange color, we stopped the wagon and started to prepare the camp.
 While I was preparing the pots, I asked the other four to gather firewood.

 Naturally, I was supposed to be the one to cook the food, but since Katerina was there this time, I could have left it to her, couldn't I?

 So I looked at Katerina as I was preparing the meal, and she quickly looked away.
 Well, even servants have their own specialties. Considering the fact that she had accompanied me on the expedition and what had happened this time, cooking was probably not her specialty.

 Even if they cook food, in the current situation, they can only cook food that can be preserved.
 Even so, since the production cheat is applied, it should be better than what some traveler would make .......

 The sun has already set, and we all gather around the fire, the only source of light, and the pot on the fire.
 Helen and Katerina are sitting next to me, so I pour out the contents of the pot to each of them.
 It's a soup of dried meat, dried vegetables, and beans, but with Camilo's permission, I've added pepper, so it's a little more luxurious.

Here you go.


You too, Katelina.

Thank you.

 Helen and Katerina took the bowls and sipped the contents.

"I've never had Eizo's before, but it's really good.

I've never had it before, but I think it's a great taste for a camp.

That's right. I've been to a lot of places, but I've never tasted anything like it.

 We've been to a lot of places, but there's nothing like this. I'm happy for them, but I'm embarrassed.

It's just stewed.

I'm telling you because that's how we get this flavor. You're kind of a cheater, aren't you?

I know. I've been thinking it too.

 When I tried to cover up my embarrassment, Katerina and Helen snapped back at me. Camilo and Franz are looking at her with grins on their faces.
 Aside from Katerina, Helen's condition seemed to be improving, as if she felt that she was back in the kingdom, so Camilo and Franz decided not to question her inwardly.

 We decided that the women should sleep during the night and the three men should stand guard. The first one was Franz, followed by me and Camilo.
 We were woken up by Franz when we were asleep.

I'm sorry.

No, no, don't worry about it. It's all in rotation.

 I get up and take a look around, weapons in hand. When I was in the Empire, there were a few people who went along the streets at night by the light of torches, but now that I'm in the Kingdom, there are none.
 My mind hasn't quite caught up with the fact that once I'm away from the revolution, it's all business as usual.

 There's no room for me to intervene, so there's no point in worrying about it, but I can't shake the feeling that there was something I could have done.
 I look up at the sky. The blessings of the impatient goddess of the moon and the twinkling of the stars were gently watching over us.