207 return home

 I woke up on guard duty, looking at the stars, when I heard a rustling behind me. It was Helen.
 I'd left my wig on when I went to bed because I didn't know what to expect, but it was a little out of place.

"What, you can't sleep?
No, I just woke up.

 I've had my share of stress-induced sleeplessness and late-night awakenings in the past, but I hope that's not it.
 Helen sat down in a triangle next to me on her haunches. Helen is much taller than me, but when we sit down, our heads are not so different in height.
 I glanced at her sideways and saw that she was staring at the fire.

"I'm sorry to bother you," Helen says.

 Helen says, "Don't worry about it.

I want to tell you not to worry about it, but that wouldn't make sense, would it? More than anything, I can't forgive myself.

 I've lived forty years in my former world, and I've caused trouble for others more than once.
 Helen buried her face in her lap.

"Well, if you can't forgive yourself, don't do it now. You just need to take your time and find a place where you feel comfortable.
"...... Yeah.
"It doesn't matter how many years it takes, you can find it at home until you're satisfied. That's not a problem. When you decide to live with us for a while, you're family.
Thank you, .......

 "Thank you," Helen said, keeping her face down. I put some more wood on the fire. Both of us remained silent for a while, the only sound being the crackling of the branches.
 I was thinking that in another hour or so, Camilo and I would switch guards, when Helen called out to me.

What is it?
Can I lie down here?

 Helen asked me, rubbing her knees together fidgetingly. Feeling as if she had a daughter, I answered.

I don't mind, but only until Camilo takes over.

 Helen then laid her body down right next to mine. I gently fix her wig, which has slipped.
 Soon I could hear her sleeping peacefully and I turned my attention back to the street.

 An hour later, I woke Helen up and took her to Katerina's place, where Camilo took over the watch.
 I lay down and closed my eyes. Family. I don't mind this kind of increase. But I wonder why the number of women is increasing.
 If you say it's just a coincidence, that's all, but I wonder why there are so many women. And almost universally, of all races.
 "Is there something else going on here that the Watchdog isn't telling me about, or is it something else? .......

 I thought about it with my eyes closed, but my 30 year old body and 40 year old mind were exhausted, and soon my consciousness was lulled into a world of sleep.

 The next morning, we all woke up and prepared to leave. For breakfast, we reheated yesterday's leftovers, but it was enough to fill our stomachs.
 All of us, including Ms. Katerina, were familiar with the place, and we were able to leave smoothly. I was a little concerned about Katerina's familiarity with the camp, but I guess I shouldn't have said anything.

 Slowly the carriage started moving. The thought of finally being able to go home distracts me, but there's no point in getting suspicious if I have to fly here. I try my best to remain calm.
 This is probably the kind of thing that would be obvious if Samija were here.

 As the day wore on, the scenery became more familiar.
 We should be at the city soon. From the road to the city, I could walk along the street and be home before dark. I finally start to get nervous.
 I don't know if Camilo sensed this or not, but he made me a nice offer.

We're going to the capital, I'll take you to the entrance of the forest.
"Sorry. Thanks.

 I thanked Camilo and waved my hand and winked. You don't look as good as ever.

 We pass through the city. This area is so familiar to me that I could almost say it's my garden. I feel more and more that I'm home.

 The faces of my family come to mind. It must not have been long since I came to this world, but I guess that's where I'm going.

 We reached the entrance to the forest. Helen and I get out of the carriage.

"Thanks for the help.
That's my line.

 Camilo and I extend our hands to each other and shake. We say goodbye for a while.
 We'll see each other again in a week, but I'm a little sad.
 Helen and I waved the carriage off.

 We go through the familiar woods. Helen had been here a few times, so she was not unsteady on her feet.
 It was getting a little dark, but we had been here many times. I didn't get lost, and in fact, my steps were so light that it was difficult not to leave Helen behind.

 Just when we thought we were almost home, a huge shadow covered us.