208 Feeling like I'm back

 A large shadow loomed over me and Helen. Helen tried to step in front of me, but I stopped her with my hand.
 The shadow approaches me, licks my face, and rubs its head against my face.

"I'm home, Krull.

 The shadow was Krull. The shadow was Krull. I hadn't tied him anywhere, so he must have sensed my return by smell or something, and came to pick me up.
 While I was stroking her neck, Krull was sniffing Helen's scent.

He's going to be a part of our family from today, don't worry.

 When I called out to Krull, he also licked Helen's face.


 Helen lets out a small scream, probably from tickling.

She says, "Welcome.
Is that so?

 I'm not sure I understand her words, but I'm sure she didn't like it.

Stroke it.
"Oh, yeah. ......

 Helen reaches out her hand with trepidation. When Krull lowered his head to make it easier to stroke, Helen gently touched it and stroked it.


 Krull seemed to be in a good mood, but Helen stopped stroking with a jolt.

"Is this okay?
"Yeah, he's in a good mood, so he's fine.

 A cat's "rumbling" can also scare people when they hear it for the first time.
 Even if you know that there is such a thing, it is hard to realize which one it is unless you know it concretely.
 In this case, I don't know what Helen's perception was, since it was a creature she rarely saw.

"This is Krull. This is my dragon. This is Helen.
"Nice to meet you, Krull.

 Krull rubs his head in Helen's face. That's the end of the greeting.
 Me, Helen and Krull head for home - though it's not so far now, and soon we see the house.
 Our whole family was out in front of the house. I wondered if Samija or Deanna had noticed.

 I waved and said in a loud voice.

"I'm home!
Welcome back!

 When they all said welcome home, I realized for the first time that I was home.

"Oh, and by the way. I'm back and I'm going to go to .......
"I know, I know. I see you.

 Samija interrupted me when I tried to tell her about Helen. I think I've figured out a lot of things.
 I look at the others and they are nodding their heads in agreement.

"So, why is Helen wearing that thing?
Oh, .......

 I could have made her take off the wig when we entered the forest, but I left it on her until we reached home, just in case.
 Samija had a good nose and knew him well, so she must have recognized him immediately.

Let's talk inside.
Oh, yeah, sure.

 I'm sure she's fine now, but I decided to keep my eyes open until the end. I wouldn't take it off until I got inside.

 As I entered the house, a familiar smell tickled my nose. I'm not sure which I should prioritize more, dusting off the dust from the trip, but I decide to talk first.
 We all sit down at the dining table. This scene is also a bit nostalgic. But before I get too emotional, I have something to do.

"Helen, you can take this off now.

 I said, and Helen took off her wig. Her short red hair comes out and she's back to her normal self.
 Liddy is a little surprised. I didn't know Liddy, did I?

I don't think Liddy's ever seen her before. Helen.

 I say, and Helen sits down and bows her head.

I'm Liddy. I'm Liddy and I'm here at Eizo Workshop for a reason. It's nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you too.

 Liddy and Helen greeted each other. Liddy doesn't seem any more concerned than before, and Helen doesn't seem to mind that Liddy is an elf.
 It's okay, I guess.

And, well, you know...
Helen's going to be part of the family, isn't she?
Yeah, well, that's the thing.

 When I was sluggish, Samija helped me out.

 And then just say it with your chest out.

Well, that's to be expected.
"It's not hard to see how the master would do this.

 Deanna and Rique joined in.
 I wasn't too worried, but I'm glad they didn't seem to have any objections.
 I was relieved.


 Samija continued to talk. What is it?

We added a room for you.
We put in a bed.
There's no bedding yet, though.

 Rique, Deanna and Liddy followed. I knew what they meant, but my understanding was not quite up to par.

"And two rooms!

 Samija gives the V-sign with a thumping effect.

"You guys .......

 This is also a trusting thing to say. So we're getting to the point where we can make our own rooms.
 I suppressed my feelings of guilt and decided to talk about the future.