209 Welcome!

"There's a bit of a ruckus in the Empire. Helen's in a bit of trouble with it, so the safest place in the kingdom is .......
It's probably our house.

 Deanna takes my words back. So that's how Deanna sees it.

There are wolves wandering around, acting as natural guards, and it's a forest, so it's like a labyrinth.
"And the house is enchanted to keep people out. No ordinary person can reach it.

 Both Rikke and Liddy nodded their heads in agreement, emphasizing the safety of the house.
 Samija didn't seem to get it. She's been living in the forest most of her life, so she probably doesn't realize that the Kuro Forest itself is considered a dangerous area.

"Well, that's why I'm going to live at home for a while.
What are you going to do when you go into town?

 Samija asks. What about when you go into town? You could leave him behind. .......
 I don't want to do that if I can help it. I don't want to do that if I can help it, because I don't want to have to deal with the fact that there was nothing I could do.

I'll go with you, but I'll keep an eye on you. I'll have him wear the wig on the first trip back and forth, and then I'll take it off when things settle down in the Empire.
Are you sure?

 Of course, the risk of being discovered by our pursuers will be higher if we take him with us. He's been seen everywhere with the wig on.

You'll be fine. The people who know us best are the guards at the imperial guards, and they think that Helen and I are married, so it might be more convenient for us to be together.

 At my words, Deanna and Sami'a jumped out of their seats. Rikke and Liddy were also getting nervous.
 What the hell?

"...... Of course, just because I say so doesn't mean I've done anything about it. That's why they'll know if they look into it too closely.

 Ignoring everyone, I continued talking and everyone sat down. I noticed that they seemed relieved, but I decided not to worry about it since they seemed to be fine.

As I said before, we knew what to expect, so we don't care how long you stay.

 Deanna spoke to Helen in a calm voice.

I mean, we're family now.

 Samija also sounded relaxed. Don't shake your chair or you'll get knocked down.

"We have room.
We're not guests anymore.

 And finally, Rique and Liddy.
 Helen heard their words and looked down.

"Thank you, ......, thank you, .......

 I gently rub her shoulder. I gently rubbed her shoulder.

 With that decided, it was time to eat. Before we start preparing food, let's get rid of the travel dust.
 I unpacked, wiped my body with a wet cloth, and changed into my home clothes. I'll be back tomorrow to sort out my luggage.
 After you have finished changing quickly, go out of your room and stand in front of the stove.
 I had already prepared a soup, so I decided to make some kind of grilled meat from a wild boar that I had recently caught.

 It's been a while since I've been in the kitchen, but my body still remembers what it feels like after a week or so, and I can cook with the benefit of cheats.
 It's a simple dish of thinly sliced meat, seasoned with fire wine and spices, but it's quite popular in our house.

 As I finished preparing dinner, Helen came out from the guest room. We have a room but no bedding, so we still have to use the guest room.
 Helen's clothes are those of Deanna, the largest of the women in the house.
 Even so, Helen is taller than I am, and her clothes are a little short and show a lot. Helen seems to know what she's doing, and she's fidgeting.

"Hey, isn't that weird?

 Deanna is a countess, and her clothes are usually quite ornate.
 It may be strange in this world that Helen is wearing it and the length is not right, but I personally don't think it's strange at all because I have a sense of the previous world.
 So I'm going to say it honestly.

"No, not really. I think it looks good on you.

 When Helen heard my words, her face turned red and she sat down on the chair at the dining table.
 At the same time, everyone is at the table. I go around pouring wine into everyone's cups. When everyone has had their fill, we all raise our cups and say.

"Welcome to Eizo's workshop! Helen!