212 the story of Marius


 I stood up involuntarily. I was surprised to see him here, even if he was not busy or the ruler of this city, he was not in a position to stay for a long time.

What's going on?

 I said, not hiding my surprise. Marius smiles his usual grin.

"I thought I'd tell you what I know.
Well, well, well. ......
I don't want to displease Eizo in the future. Above all, Eizo is my friend.

 Marius said this unabashedly. I'm sure he was trying to reassure me by letting me know that it would benefit him in some small way.
 There are many people who cannot believe in pure acts. Especially in the aristocratic world where Marius now lives.

"I appreciate the sentiment.
I'm glad you do.

 I thanked Marius for his kindness. Then, at Marius' urging, I sat down again.

"Well, that's as much as I can gather on my own," he said.

 Marius also sat down across from us and began to talk.

"The point is that the empire, the emperor, knew about the revolution.
"Knew? So you knew it was coming?
Yes. He knew it was coming and he used it. It's like an example. There's a chance it's already under control.
Then why did you keep Helen in custody?
Because I didn't want her to know what I knew. I didn't want her to find out that I knew. It's the same reason I didn't want her to know I had her.

 Helen hadn't heard the details, but it seemed that the people she had run into had been from the Imperial side, the ones who had information about the revolution.
 As she had said herself, we don't know how much information was leaked.
 On the other hand, there was a possibility that she would be found out from the corpse if she was careless, so she might have let him live for a while. No, wait, that would be ......

So Helen would have survived anyway if we hadn't rescued her?
No, I don't think so.

 Marius shook his head at my words.

It's true that once the revolution happened, it didn't matter what happened to Helen. But if it's okay for her to be alive, it's okay for her to be dead.

 The people in Eizo's workshop, including myself, gasped. Marius moistened his mouth a little with the tea that was being served, and then opened his mouth again.

The empire will want to make sure that they don't find out about it later. If that were the case, they could have killed him when the revolution broke out. They'll never know why they died once they're lost in the shuffle.
"So our rescue was rather last minute?
So you can't say you're okay?
That's true. I think it's better to keep it like today for a while.

 Marius now shakes his head significantly.
 In this world, there is no such thing as an autopsy, and if you are killed, the dead have no say. If there is magic, it is basically used by the nobility. Whether the results would be correct is highly doubtful.
 In addition, the fact that there are still people alive who know that the emperors knew about the revolution would be like a bone in their throats. They must want to solve it if they can.
 There is no reason or need for us to let them solve their problems.

 When I look at Helen, she is looking down. There's no need to worry about it. Just as I was thinking this, Deanna put her hand on Helen's shoulder and started whispering something to her.
 I leave that to Deanna and ask Marius.

I leave that to Diana and ask Marius, "If you knew there was going to be a revolution, doesn't that mean that the Marquis is in danger? I'm pretty sure he's going to cut off his territory. Wouldn't that be a good place to put an ambush?
It's a good idea. ......

 Marius gives a huge sigh. Is that old man doing something again?

There's something going on behind your back, too.

 Marius's words caught me by surprise for the first time since I arrived here.