213 Dark clouds don't clear up, and the story ends

"That's the thing. The land that the Marquis is planning to attack has been agreed upon with the Imperial side and will be ceded to them even if they don't say anything.
Then why bother with ......?
"Even if it's in exchange for something, giving up the land is a big loss. This time, too, it will be cut off, but 'we couldn't get around to it because of the suppression of the revolution. If it hadn't been for the revolution, ......," he said, "the emperor would have blamed it all on the ringleaders of the revolution.
Even so, the land will be taken, won't it?
The land was originally too far from the center of the empire to be monitored, and it was judged to be unprofitable to hold. That's why they've been so lax in fighting back and have only been attentive in their sorties.

 On the contrary, it's a land that has some merit for the kingdom, but they didn't tell me what it is, I guess they decided it's better not to let me know.
 And I'm sure there was some benefit to the empire from the kingdom in exchange, but I'm not sure what it was.

I heard that the emperor crushed the revolution and wiped out all the rebels, that he covered up the mismanagement of the land being cut off by the kingdom by building up the military, and that he regretted the revolution and changed the policy of government.
That's not true, is it?
Well, yeah. Well, the empire wasn't as much of a dictatorship as they say.

 Marius nodded easily at my words. So that whole revolution thing was a farce. Helen's presence was the only irregularity.
 It's true that Helen's existence, which could support the fact that everything was a farce, is quite troublesome for the empire.
 Hmm? Wait a minute. If you think about it from the beginning, ......

"Maybe it was ...... who drew those pictures.
"Oh, that's enough, Eizo.

 I was about to say something, but Marius stopped me mid-sentence.
 If I'm right, it would explain what one of the benefits was, how he knew that Helen was being held when he was supposed to be controlling the information with a watertight system.
 If he knew, then it seems that the emperor's own intention was not to kill Helen.
 But considering the situation, the empire can't afford not to go after him, so it's not really safe to say. .......

 And I can't help but think that the weapons I delivered might have been used to suppress the revolution. It's almost like a farce.
 Even if you say it's not my fault, I still find it hard to separate the two.
 Marius bowed, and Camilo, who had been silent while he spoke, also bowed, as if he understood what I was going through.

I'm sorry about this. If I had known about it earlier, I could have stopped it at some point.
Let me apologize, too. I didn't realize how involved you were.
If you two can't handle it, so be it. Don't worry about it. Just keep your head up.

 This is my unvarnished opinion. If Marius and Camilo can't do it, then neither can I.
 It's just that he was good at it, and even if he had his own thoughts and feelings, he had his own reasons for doing so.
 If he wanted to start a big war against the world, I would use all my power to stop him, but if not, there is no reason to stop him.

And I'm sure you were able to save Helen.

 When I looked at Helen, she seemed to have regained her composure and was whispering something to Diana and Samija. I'm glad you're back on your feet.
 I'm 30 years old on the outside and over 40 on the inside, so I don't know what the best thing to do with young girls is. .......

I'm glad you said that.

 I responded to Marius' words with the usual fluttering of my hands.

 That's the end of the revolution story for now. From here on, the usual begins.

 I told him what I wanted to take from Camilo this time, and as usual, he nodded and left.
 After that, Marius and Diana are talking for the first time in a long time as brother and sister. It seems to be about the recent situation of the servants.
 We're talking about Camilo and the city, but Camilo just got back the day before yesterday, so we don't have much information. It's a long way from the border, and the chaos doesn't seem to have spread this far.

 After all the preparations were done and we received our money, we were on our way home.
 Just as we were leaving the conference room, Camilo called out to me, "Hey, Eizo. I let the others go ahead and Camilo and I stayed in the room.

What's up? What's wrong?
"Well, I just thought I'd tell you .......

 Camilo's voice was slurred, and he seemed to be lost in thought, despite his words.

If you don't want to tell me, that's fine. There are many things in this world that are better left unsaid.
"No, you should hear this. It could get you into trouble, but it's better that you know.

 Camilo turns to me with a different look in his eyes. His eyes seemed to be filled with determination.

Helen is the bastard daughter of a marquis.