216 once again

 It was mid-afternoon when I got back, so I did some light blacksmithing until around evening. Perhaps it was because I was still relying on my cheats and had repaired swords in the Empire, but I didn't feel any significant decline. I guess I'll be able to work again tomorrow.
 As I was slowly cleaning up after finishing my work, I heard the clang of the forge bell. It probably means that Deanna and Helen have returned from outside.
 The house suddenly became noisy, and then the connecting door opened with a bang.

Oh, my God, it's already done.

 It was Helen who opened the door.

Helen opened the door. The sun is setting, and we haven't done much work in the first place. Is there something I can do for you?
No, I just thought I'd check in on you since you said you were over here.

 Helen said in a slightly disappointed tone. I replied in a cheerful voice.

I'm going to need your help tomorrow, so you can see as much as you want.
"Oh, really?
"Yeah? We had a deal then, remember?

 That's what I said when I helped Helen out. I thought maybe you might not remember, but...

"Uh, yeah. Thank you.

 I thought she might not remember what I said when I helped her out, but she said, "Oh, yes.

That can wait until it's finished.

 I clapped Helen lightly on the shoulder (a little awkwardly, since she was taller than me) and went back to the house.

 The next morning, Krull and I went about our daily routine of fetching water. I think he was happy to be able to fetch water with me ...... after a long time. I'm not sure if you can see the expression on the dragon's face, so it's a bit of wishful thinking.

"Did Deanna take care of it while I was gone?

 I ask Krull as I wash her body while fetching water. I can't understand the details of his reply, but it seems like he's saying "yes", which is comforting in the morning.

Let's go home then.

 "As usual, I put the water bottle on my shoulder and Kururu put it around his neck and went back home.

 After breakfast and laundry, we had our morning meeting.

I'm going to make Helen's sword today.
"We'll continue as usual?
Yes. I'll be working on Helen's sword today, and you can watch me work on the sheet metal in between.

 I said this, and the five of them replied. Now the work of the day begins.

 We're going to magically light the fireplace and furnace. I don't really understand the principle behind the magic, but it doesn't require a particularly long chant.
 It is somewhat like grabbing a lump of power and squeezing it to raise the temperature and light a fire. The image is similar to that of adiabatic compression. If you put cotton in a cylinder and compress it with a piston at once, it burns with a pop.
 If you don't have this, you will have to make a fire from charcoal or from scratch. It goes without saying that magic, which can be used almost as if it were a lighter, is much easier.
 I wonder how many wizards there are in this world who think of magic as nothing more than a lighter.

 When the fire is burning in the fire pit, put the sheet metal into the fire pit and heat it up. When it reaches a temperature suitable for working, it is placed on the anvil and hammered.
 When I first struck Helen's sword, I didn't know much about magic, but now I understand the area.
 So I hammered the sheet metal carefully so that the magic power would be contained properly.