217 the first one

 The sheet metal is heated and beaten into the shape of the sword. If it is a normal shortsword, the body of the sword is cast and then shaped, but this is a special order, so it is forged from the start.
 Forging is not necessarily ...... of better quality than casting. It's just that they have different characteristics.
 I chose forging simply because I can put more magic power into it.
 The more you hammer, the more the sheet metal changes its shape and the more magic it contains. The red of the heated iron and the glitter of the magical power create a rather fantastic atmosphere.

It's been a little over a week, but you still look brilliant.

 Rikke exhaled and said with fascination. You'll be able to see that he's become quite good at holding magic.
 He is learning both dwarven blacksmithing and elven magic, so I think he's going to be a hell of a blacksmith in the future.
 In fact, the swords I delivered to him last time, both shortsword and longsword, were of excellent quality. They could even be called our high-end models.

Rijke's gotten better in the short time I've been away. I can't afford to be complacent.
"No, not really. No, not yet.

 No, not yet." I smiled back, but in my case, I'm using cheats. The only way to get better is to try new things and become more proficient.
 In that sense, I think Rike has more room to grow and more limits than I do.
 Well, it's not bad to be the master of a legendary blacksmith. I chuckled and swung my hammer down on the sheet metal.

 The usual shortsword has a cast metal grip and tsuba, so there's no hassle.
 The grip and blade are made as a single piece, but the tsuba is made as a separate part by splitting another piece of sheet metal. Naturally, this is also a special item with a lot of magic power.
 The length of the sword is decided by the sense of cheat so that it will be just right when put together.
 Insert the tsuba from the grip side to the base of the blade, tap and caulk it, and the shape is complete.

 I handed the finished shortsword to Helen, who had been watching from the side.

"I haven't even wrapped the leather around the grip yet, but give it a swing.

 In a slightly wider area around the business meeting area, Helen waved the shortsword, slowly at first, and then with a buzzing sound.
 It was as if she was dancing. If the world were a better place, she could have been a dancer. She was slender and tall.
 Everyone except me stopped to watch her. Deanna's expression is very serious. She's probably looking to see if there's anything she can learn from that.
 She's going to be more serious than usual today.

What do you think?

 I called out to her, since I couldn't watch her forever. Helen stopped moving for a moment. She just held out her shortsword.

That's awesome!

 Helen shouted so loudly that it seemed as if the air was vibrating. Everyone except Helen cowered in surprise.
 A rustling sound was heard from outside. Maybe Krull was startled too. Deanna noticed and went out the door of the forge.

It looks the same as the last one!
That's because I made it that way.

 It's because I made it that way." She comes at me as if she's going to jump on me. I'm sure it's unconscious, but he's a pro at keeping the tip of the sword from pointing at me.

The durability should be a little better than before, but I can't test it right now.

 But I can't test it now." Or rather, "I won't have a chance to test it as long as I'm here.

"So it's really the same as before? That's great.

 I nodded at Helen's words. I nodded at Helen's words, but I couldn't understand why she said it was the same. It's obvious that I made it that way, but I'd like to do something to improve my cheat ........

That's right!

 I can't help shouting. I can't help but shout, "Yes!" Everyone is just as surprised as Helen was.

Helen, I'm sorry, but you'll have to retype that.
"What, it's this good?

 I smirked. Oh, yeah, I had that.

"I'll rebuild it with Apoi Takara and steel.