221 The Sword of Lightning-Completion

 A sheet of Apoitakara sandwiched between two pieces of steel is placed in the fire pit.
 It is slowly heated to a temperature at which it can be worked.
 Remove it, place it on the anvil, and hammer it. The length of the blade is now sufficient, and the work of shaping it begins.
 The cross-section of the blade is made into a diamond shape by hammering, and the tip is made sharp from about 3/4 of the way up the blade. At the top of the rhombus, tap the part that will not become the blade to flatten it.
 The other side, which will be the handle, is simply stretched thin. The actual handle and tsuba are made separately from steel and fixed later.
 The sound of hammering echoes through the forge. The work itself is not much different from normal work, and I've already shown them the temperature, so Rike and the others are doing their own work, and the sound of Rike hammering the shortsword is mixed with the sound of me.
 It's happened a few times before, but this time it's not the sound of steel, but a little bit of cool apoitakara, which adds to the musicality.

There's steel in there, but it doesn't sound like mithril either.

 Rikke said, and Liddy shook his head yes. Rikke was observing, and Riddy was the client who had repaired Mithril's sword in the first place.

"Is that so?

 Helen was the first to react. She didn't know the sound of the mithril strike.

"It sounded clear and beautiful.
"Yes, it was.

 Samija and Deanna responded. They didn't see it, but they knew the sound because they were working next to it.

"Well, I would have liked to have heard it.

 Helen pouted. It's just a matter of timing, but I know it's boring to be the only one who doesn't know.

Well, you'll get your chance.

 I say, hammering my sword. There aren't many craftsmen around here who can process mithril.
 If you go to the city, you can find people who can process mithril, but when it comes to magic power, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one around here who can do it without being conceited or cheating.
 This is because there is not enough magic power in the city or town to put it into mithril. There are not many blacksmiths in the kingdom who know this and live in places with a lot of magic.
 I don't live here knowing that either.

 Anyway, if that's the case, there's a good chance that Mithril will come to me when it comes to this area, and then I'll have a good chance to hear it.
 Whether or not Helen is at home at that time, I'd like to let her hear it while she's here.
 When I said this, Helen nodded and went back to her work.

 Unlike steel alone, it still took a long time to sand apoitakara with the material. Nevertheless, a little after noon, I was relieved to see that the shape was completed.
 After that, I made the tsuba and handle out of steel. I was able to make this one quickly, since it was only steel. I also engraved the mark of the fat cat on the handle.
 The quality and speed of the work seems to have improved. I'll show it to Rike, since I can't really understand it myself.

What do you think? What do you think? I think it's good for that time.
No, I'd say it's a top-notch product.

 Without pause, Rike answered. Without pause, Leake answered.

"Is that it?
"Yes. Some blacksmiths would be broken if they had to make this in this amount of time.

 Rike says it with such a serious face that I lose all interest in making fun of it.

I don't mind if you don't.
I know the best of the masters. I may not be able to go that far, but I'll go as far as I can go.
In moderation.

 I don't want you to fall down because you're still young (I don't know how old dwarves are), so I want you to look ahead.

 After that, I carved both sides of the flattened part of the blade with a tagane. The engraving is of a lightning bolt, similar to the one I made before. The engraving is done by shaving off all the steel so that the apoitakara is exposed.
 By doing this, the lightning will appear in blue on the blade. The lightning on the blade and blade glows blue. The bearer of the sword is a mercenary known as "Xunrai". I hope it lives up to its owner's alias.
 Combine the finished parts with the blade and wrap the hilt with leather. The whole thing is now in place. The sun is just about to set, and Rike and the others are cleaning up.

 I present both swords to Helen, who is now free.

"It's done. It's getting a little dark, but give it a try. I'll put the blades on later.
"...... Ooooh!

 Helen's voice echoed through the workshop, impressed by the finished swords.