222 "Quick thunder."

 Holding the two completed shortswords, Helen shouted. The door to the forge slammed. It was probably a startled Krull.

"Shall we try it outside while we appease Krull?
Are you sure?

 In the future, it is possible that you will be asked to make a decorative sword, but at least for this sword, it was made with the intention of serious practical use.
 ...... I'm not saying that I didn't use Apoitakara for decorative purposes.

 Anyway, it's a sword that's meant to be used by a specific individual, so what's wrong with the user trying it out?
 I stood up, removed the doorstop, and slowly opened the door. As I expected, there was Krull standing there looking worried.

"All right, all right, Helen's just a little happy, don't worry.

 I stroked Krull's neck, leaving just enough space for everyone to pass.


 Krull squealed and regained some of his composure. "Slightly" because everyone else has come out of the house after me. Maybe he thinks he can play with me.
 Leaving that role to Rikke and Liddy (Krull's favorite seems to be Deanna (Mom), but she seems to be in a good mood with everyone else), me, Samija and Deanna went to see Helen's test.

We haven't put the blade on yet, so just be careful you can't cut it.

 When I say this, Helen responds with a wave of her hand and walks straight to the center of the garden.

 When she was sure that she was far enough away from us, she began to spin her sword in her hand, lightly at first, but then so quickly that it made a whirring sound. It was almost like a rhythmic gymnastics competition.
 Helen was tall and slender, and it seemed even more so when she did it. As she swung the two swords around quickly, they sometimes looked like a single weapon. It's as if she's been handling them for years, even though she just held them.

 After checking the condition of the sword in his hand for a while, he now began to swing it with his whole body. Each swing was incredibly quick. I managed to follow his motions, but the next moment he was almost finished.

"Do you know when it's coming?

 I had asked both Diana and Samija.

No, I've been watching them every day since then, but I have no idea.

 It was Deanna who answered my question. Even though she's been practicing with Helen in the evenings for a few days, she can't keep up with her. This is a story that shows how fast Helen moves.
 Watching her move with her whole body, it was as if she was dancing. She gradually increases her range of motion, sometimes moving like flowing water, sometimes like a raging storm.
 The blue light of Apoitakara follows its path, like a thundering cumulonimbus. To use a standard story from the previous world, it's like a dragon's nest: .......

 At the moment when the range of movement and the speed of movement both reach their peak


 A faint blue light flashed several meters through the air. The lightning that lived up to its name had appeared there.
 It looks like it could cut a rock in half, regardless of whether it has a blade or not.
 Helen was out of breath as she swung her sword. If it was the temperature, there would be steam rising from her body.

What do you think?

 Helen called out when she had calmed down. Helen called out when she had calmed down a bit, "How are you doing?" Judging by the way she was acting, she was at least below average, but just in case.
 She took a few more breaths and then turned around to face me. She's kind of feisty. I, Samija, and Deanna all turned our bodies up a little.
 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few things to do. One on each side of you.
 As soon as he put them down, he ran towards you with great speed. It must have been easy for him to start running because the way he placed the swords was just like a crouching start.
 I was so startled that I couldn't move, and Helen hugged me with such force that she almost pushed me down. Because of the height difference, her breasts were squeezed tightly together.

It's great! You're amazing, Eizo!
"No, no, no! Take it easy a little bit!

 I screamed in protest, unable to move at all. It's really hard to breathe with this thing.

I think I understand now why Helen is called Lightning.

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why Helen is called Lightning.