223 a relaxing day

 It took more than just Diana to get Helen off of me, and Samija and Rique were barely able to join in.
 Riddy didn't join in because he wasn't so powerful. She might have used the "sleep" spell, but from what I've heard, it only greatly increases the original sleepiness, so it might not work at all in an excited state.
 Of course, Krull didn't join in. If I needed Krull, which has the strength of a horse or two, my ribs and spine would be in danger before I could say that Helen was beyond human limits.
 That was pretty bad, too. I think I heard a creak.

Oh, thanks a lot.

 I thanked Deanna and the others as I was released. I've seen something like this before. Was it the first time I struck the sword, or was it when I was cleaning it?
 It's been less than a year since I came here, so it must have been more recent than that, but it seems like a long time ago.

"Sorry, Eizo, .......

 Helen, on the other hand, was depressed. It's not a bad thing to explode your emotions because you're happy after all.

I was fine, so don't worry about it. If you're happy, that's fine.

 When I said that.


 Helen nodded and got back into a good mood.

 The next morning, during the meeting after breakfast, I said.

The next morning, during our meeting after breakfast, I said, "Why don't we take today as usual and go to the forest tomorrow? You've got plenty of meat to spare, right?
Oh, yeah.

 Samija was the first one to get on board.

"Yes. It might be nice to go for a walk in the woods without hunting sometimes.

 Deanna was the next to join in the conversation. Liddy nodded his head in agreement. Rikke seemed to have no objection.

"Can I go too?

 Helen asked hesitantly, and I answered immediately.
 She had been away for a long time as a mercenary, and it had been a long time since she had lived like this, so she probably didn't know what to do.

So be it. Of course I'll take Krull with me, so we can gather herbs and fruits as we find them.
I agree. I agree. When I'm hunting and gathering, I don't have time to collect fruits, but medicinal herbs.
"Well then, tomorrow we'll go for a walk in the forest, focusing on the medicinal herbs that Liddy has identified. It's only a vacation, so you don't have to try to collect a lot.

 Liddy nodded vigorously, and the others replied, ending the morning.

 This day I decided to finish the casting of my shortsword and make a few knives.
 If I took tomorrow off, the day after tomorrow would be my day to go to the city, but I had enough production for the general models (which were getting close to the high-end models) that Camilo would not complain about a few of my high-end models if I had enough for today.

 Unlike the previous world, I work pretty much as I please, so I don't get stressed out at work, but I still get excited at the thought of the next day off, probably because the spirit of the black era is still ingrained in my skin.
 Perhaps reflecting my mind, my hammering is somewhat light. Finishing the sword and making the knife proceeded smoothly.

You're in a good mood, aren't you?

 That's what Rike said to me. I don't care about that at all. Partly because I know that he has no ill intentions.

"Really? Well, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
"I see. There's more to it than that, though.
Other than that?
Isn't it just getting faster and faster?
Yeah, is it?

 I don't feel that way at all, but if that's how Rike sees it, then maybe it is. I can't tell exactly what's going on today because I'm in a high mood, so I'll have to check again later.
 Today, Rike is only making knives, while everyone else is working on sheet metal.
 It's not a vacation, but it's a relaxing day, I thought as I finished my work for the day.