224 picnic

 The next day, after completing my daily routine, I prepared to go out. My lunch will be the usual sweet and spicy boiled boar meat sandwiched between two pieces of unfermented bread, like a Kakuni burger.
 If I had something like a chicken egg, I could have a little more variation, but I wonder how safe chicken eggs are in this world.
 I'm still worried about the half-boiled eggs, but if the bacteria in this world are safe if heated above 70 degrees Celsius, like salmonella in the previous world, I'd like to make arrangements to get some someday.

 There was no point in begging for what I didn't have, so after packing my usual lunch, I prepared some mint tea, put it in a water bag, and packed it in a sack.
 Since we were going into the forest, we all changed into comfortable clothes.
 In case you were wondering, Helen and I have shortswords, Rike has a short spear, and the other three have bows. With this system, we should be able to run into a little trouble. We're getting pretty well armed, too. .......

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 Everyone in the family replies to my words in their own language. When I was sure that everyone had left, I closed and locked the door of the house.

 Outside, Krull is waiting anxiously. I told him about it yesterday, but I don't know if he understood it or if he guessed it from the way everyone was acting.
 In any case, I think he's a smart kid. Think of me as a foolish parent.
 I left the bag with Krull. The cart is noisy, and I don't know how long it can hold up.
 It must have weighed quite a bit since it contained food and water (tea) for six people, but Krull didn't seem to mind.

"You asked for my luggage, Krull.

 When Deanna said this, Krull squeaked a good-natured "Crew" and the six of us and one of the cows started walking deeper into the forest.

 The sunlight from the sky shone like a spotlight on some parts of the forest as we walked. It's a good thing it's sunny today.
 Speaking of weather...

I thought the rainy season was coming soon?
Yes, it is. My hunch is that it'll be here next week or within a month at the latest. I think it'll last a while.

 My question was answered by Samija. She's lived here since birth, I'm sure of it.

I think we'll take a break from deliveries for that time.

 As for the cart, even if we can get some cloth for tomorrow's delivery and make the top in a hurry, we will still be exposed to the rain even if we cover the crull with cloth and make it into a jacket.
 We have enough money saved up that we don't have to work so hard, and unless Camilo is in trouble, we don't want to travel long distances, even to the city.

It's better that way.
We've got plenty of food and supplies.
Well, let's do it.

 I'd be happy to do that too, so I decided not to deliver the next week. In fact, I wondered if Camilo would be bothered, but I was sure he would manage.

 About an hour after we left the house, Liddy suddenly shouted and started running in the forest.
 We rushed after her. When we caught up with her, we found her crouched down a little ahead of us. She seemed to be picking something.

Did you find something?

 Liddy nodded and presented us with what looked like something he had just picked.

"These mushrooms are very valuable.

 The mushroom was glowing with a pale phosphorescence, even in the daytime. In the previous world, there were some mushrooms that glowed, but you couldn't tell unless it was nighttime.
 The fact that they appear to glow in the daytime means that they must be quite bright at night.

It can be used as a remedy for a variety of ailments. It needs to be dried, though.
"Oh, that's convenient.

 Liddy nodded again as I answered. If it's so convenient, I don't understand why you're in such a hurry to collect it.
 Amateurs picking mushrooms can cause a lot of accidents, but Liddy is an elf who used to live in the forest. You wouldn't mistake her for an elf. You're not going to ...... me, are you?

I've never heard of this mushroom.

 I've never heard of this mushroom. I guess she doesn't like that there's something she doesn't know as a beastman of the Kuro Forest.

It only grows on that ivy, and only at this time of year, before the rainy season. It dissolves when it gets wet.

 The so-called mushroom part of the mushroom is the corpus callosum, which is the same as the flower or fruit in plants, and the stem or root part is the fungus that spreads in the soil, but this mushroom must be spreading its mycelium in the ivy and getting nutrition from it.
 That is, if the mushroom in this world is the same as the one in the previous world.

Elves know a lot, after all!

 Liddy was not offended by Helen's unreserved admiration, and shrank back in embarrassment.