225 medicinal herbs

 Liddy said it was a valuable mushroom, so we looked for similar ivy around the area, but in the end we only found that one.
 If just one mushroom is effective against various diseases, there is little to worry about in case of emergency. We are deep in the woods, and even if something were to happen, it would often be too late for an emergency. .......
 The current level of medical care in this world is nothing compared to the previous world, of course, but it still makes a big difference if you have the right medicine.
 Speaking of illness, I asked myself a question.

"Is there magic that cures disease?

 I don't have any detailed knowledge of magic in my installation. In fact, I don't even understand what kind of magic Liddy showed me in the battle with the hobgoblin.

Yes, there are. There are many simple spells that can be used.

 The question was answered by Liddy. She's the magic expert in our house.

"Simple, like curing a fever?
"Well, yes. I can cure a headache and a slight fever.

 Liddy nodded his head. As a person who had frequent tension headaches in the previous world (along with stiff shoulders, a kind of occupational disease for desk workers), I was envious.

But still, it's not a cure-all. ......

 Liddy alone can't cure stomachaches or illnesses that cause more than a slight fever. In that case, mushrooms and medicinal herbs ...... are the way to go.

There are doctors in the city who can do magic to cure headaches and stomachaches, but they are very expensive.

 This time, Diana answered. There are doctors in the capital who can cure headaches and stomachaches, but they are very expensive.

How much does it cost?
A gold coin for a headache.
That's expensive.

 When I heard the price, I laughed. If you think about the amount of money we can get from one delivery, it must be more than that.
 If you have a severe headache, it's not something you can call on on a daily basis or keep in your house.

So I usually just use herbs or something.
Of course.

 When I first came here, I found a herb for fever, but if there is a herb for headache like that, it should be much cheaper.
 Or maybe they combine herbs and prescribe them to cure headaches.
 Doctors in this world are like a hybrid of wizards and medicine men.

Oh, there it is.

 Liddy runs up to her again. This time it's not a mushroom growing on ivy, but the grass itself.

"This is a herb for stomachache, isn't it?

 Liddy gently plucked the herb and showed it to me. It's a grass with a slight red color.
 I've never seen anything like it around here. I wondered if it was worth the trip.

"Can you plant it in my field?
I think so.
So you'll take a couple of plants?

 Liddy gave a small nod. I took the rags and rope out of the bag. It would be a pity if we didn't bring them in as healthy as possible, even if they were grass.
 Me, Rike, Samija, and Helen used knives to dig up the soil around the grass, wrapped it in cloth, and tied it with rope to keep it from unraveling.
 The grass was tied around Krull's neck.

"Spoils of war.

 Krull shakes his head happily. I was a little worried that he might fall, but it seems that my fears were unfounded.
 It swayed and swayed, but it didn't come off or shake the earth off. This way, even if Krull walks on it, he won't fall off before he realizes it.
 I plugged up the two holes in the ground. It would be like a natural trap, and it would be bad for running animals (including beasts and humans) to get caught.

 After that, we walked leisurely through the forest. The sound of birds singing and the rustling of the wind filled the air. The sound of birds singing, the sound of the wind rustling in the air, and the sound of idle talk as we walked through the forest was like a picnic, or an adventure, or something like that, and it was enough to stimulate a man's heart.
 Of course, it is a dangerous place to be.
 But now, with Samija, a hunter who is familiar with this forest, Liddy, who is knowledgeable about plants in general, Helen, who has the greatest military strength, and me, though I'm not as strong as her, I feel more at ease.

 Whether he realized the relaxed atmosphere or not, or whether the relaxed atmosphere was a flag, Samija suddenly stopped. Her face was clearly on alert.
 Similarly, Krull stopped and craned his neck. The fact that these two stopped at the same time and were on alert meant that there must be something dangerous nearby.
 We sensed this, and raised our weapons.