227 8th person

 The fallen bear was surrounded by Helen and me, and Rike a little further away.
 The bear's head and body are separated by a tear, and even if it is a demon, it is unlikely to survive, but you have to be careful.
 The other three are looking at their surroundings. It's not as if there isn't another beast or something out there looking for an opening.

 They watched for a while, but there was still no sign of movement. Everyone slowly lowered their weapons.

"Are you guys okay?

 I called out to them, but all I got was the same voice telling me they were okay.
 Well, Helen took care of that in no time at all. There was no reason for me to be injured except that I had rolled to avoid the attack.
 From the looks of everyone, it seems that there is little blood on them. Seeing this, my consciousness switched from full alert to normal.
 It was only for a moment, but the exhaustion from being so cautious hit me hard.
 I couldn't help but sit down on the spot.

"Was this bear about to turn into a demon?

 I wondered.

"I didn't sense any stagnant magic," Liddy said.

 Liddy said. So he wasn't turning into a demon?

The big black bears have a habit of pouncing on their prey when they see one.

 It was Samija who continued. There are spiders that have this habit, but I can't think of any mammals that have it.
 In the Kuro Forest, there is a relatively large number of prey, so I think this is a habit that they can afford.

What happens to the abandoned prey?
Well, if it's lucky or unlucky, if it's hungry when it comes back, it's in its stomach.

 You can't just hunt more prey and fill your stomach.
 Even if they can't eat all of them, wolves or other animals will take care of them, and even if they don't, the bodies that return to the earth will be used to feed the forest.
 In this way, I feel that the mechanism of nature is both well-designed and not so well-designed.


 As I was thinking about this, Samija spoke to me in a slightly tense voice.

"What's wrong?
I think we should check on the prey he's supposed to have killed.

 I can't detect it anymore because of the smell of his blood, but I could smell it when he showed up. If it's not his, then it's definitely something he killed.

 I don't know if it was a deer or a rabbit, but if Samija says I should check, then I should.
 As for the bear, we agreed to let the forest take care of it, though it could be used as food.
 In the previous case, we went looking for the bear and killed it, so we thought it would be a memorial service to eat it, so we did so, but this time there is a difference in that it was an encounter.
 In other words, this time, the decision to beat or beat us was completely mutual, despite the difference in numbers.
 I stood up, digging up my buttocks, which looked like they were about to sprout roots, and we all slowly walked in the direction Samija was pointing.

 When we were walking slowly but not too far, Samija stopped.

"Is it around here?

 I asked, and Camija nodded silently.
 I signaled to the others to search the area, but aside from Camija and Krull, the others didn't have a good sense of smell. Liddy, who has a lot of knowledge about the forest, is a little more likely to notice the changes.
 Samija will probably find it faster than we will.

 Against our will, we heard voices.
 We rushed over. There it was: ...... No, it was a wolf. Two of them. One of them was an adult with a large body, but the center of its body had been cut open.
 One of the wolves was a fine adult with a large body, but it had been slashed in the center of its body. I glanced at Samija, but she shook her head. No luck here.

 The other one was the voice I'd heard earlier. A rather small wolf, almost the size of a pup.
 I don't know if it's him or her, but it's still yapping and threatening me. I wonder if the out-of-control wolf was protecting this little wolf.

"Is this the girl you were talking about?

 I asked Samija, who nodded her head. A wolf that lost its parents. Even if the other beast that came to me at the smell of blood was a wolf, I don't know if it would protect a child from another pack.
 Not to mention the other beasts that may have come by.
 I'm not sure if I can ignore it if I'm told that I can't bear to leave the little life I've noticed to die.
 I glanced at the others and saw that they all looked at me expectantly. I sighed and said.

Okay, I'll help.

 I concentrated on thinking about how to get this little wolf out of here safely.