228 wolf

 The little wolf keeps barking at us in a puppy-like voice. We don't want this voice attracting other beasts.
 We'll be in danger, but he'll be in danger too. We've got to do something to shut him up.

"I wonder if she'll follow us if we feed her. ......

 I mumbled to myself. I wish it were that simple, but it's probably not.

"I think ...... will come.

 The one who replied to my tweet in the same volume was Samija.
 You're coming? I should've cut the meat off that bear.
 It's not good for her, but we have no choice. I take out a lunch box from the bag around Krull's neck, remove only the meat from the stewed sandwich, show it to him, and approach him little by little.
 The little wolf is still howling at me, backing up just a little.

 When I get close enough, the wolf stops howling and starts twitching its nose. I was relieved to see that it had stopped howling for the time being.
 I slowly put the meat on the ground and squatted down, out of reach. The little wolf's nose twitched as it crept closer and closer to the meat.
 When he reaches the meat, he carefully smells it. After that, it immediately began to hug and peck at the meat. It's cute to see an animal child hugging and chomping.
 This can be seen from the fact that the HP on my shoulder is shrinking. I know how cute it is, so I think it's time to stop, Deanna. .......

 Eventually, the wolf finished eating and began to stare at us. We kept our hands to ourselves as we watched, and then it started to approach us.
 When we were within arm's reach, the wolf sat down. There was no sign of further approach.

 No, no, no. I held out my hand boldly but slowly.
 If it bites me and I have a disease like rabies, I'm out, so it's a big gamble. The chip is my life.
 The werewolf sniffed my hand as I slowly held it out. At least the first step is clear.
 I let him sniff for a while, and then he started wagging his tail, so I moved my hand slowly and stroked his head gently. He didn't seem to be particularly surprised and didn't run away, but he seemed to be comfortable.

 "Good, good, good. Do you want to follow us?

 I said, looking into the wolf's eyes. The wolf looked back at me, wagging its tail.


 The little wolf looked back at me, wagged its tail and mewed cheerfully. I picked him up gently, but he didn't resist. We decided to take this opportunity to get away from here.
 We were not sure what to do with the corpse of the wolf, which was probably its parent, but it was part of the cycle of the forest to leave it as it was and let it return to the earth. It pained me, but I decided to leave it as it was.

 I walked a little faster through the forest in the direction of home. Today's picnic was, of course, cancelled.
 I took the wolf in my arms and left it with Deanna at my strongest wish. The little wolf is looking around and sniffing with interest, probably because she has a higher perspective.
 There was no sign that he was trying to escape. In fact, she seemed to think it would be easier.
 The three of us, Helen, Samija, and Krull, who were free, proceeded with caution.

It's amazing how quickly they take to you.

 I said, glancing at Deanna. Samija, who is standing next to me, moving her nose like the wolf, watching for the smell, replies.

He kind of knows his parents are dead, too. The only reason he stayed there was because he didn't know what to do.
"So you're saying they're okay because you gave them food?

 Samija gives a small nod. I'll keep talking.

"I thought there was a pack of forest wolves, but it was just parents and kids. Did they get separated?

 When I saw them before, I saw only parents and children, but they must have had other siblings or packs nearby. It seems unlikely that they would be completely separated from the pack, even if they were separated for a while.
 Samija shakes her head at my words. She's not a straggler?

He's small for a kid this age. I'm sure there was something wrong with him, but usually mothers leave their children alone in such situations.
"And you didn't do that?

 Samija nodded loudly this time.

"I don't know why. I don't know why, but maybe that's what drove them away. That in itself is not strange, because the whole pack is in danger if there is a slow learner. And while wandering in the forest, he came across a bear. The fact that she has a good nose and didn't notice the bear suggests that her mother was also in dire straits. ......
Is it possible that the bear was trying to steal his prey, but we didn't see it?

 It's not like they're slowing us down, we have strong sisters. With every new life comes responsibility, and with this one, at least until she grows up, she will be able to fulfill that responsibility.
 That's what I thought when I saw the little wolf pleasing Deanna's cheek.