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 We made it home without encountering any danger, thanks to the vigilance of the whole family.
 Deanna put the wolf down at my urging and ran around the house, looking curious.

"Don't go where I can't see you.

 I called out to the little wolf, who scampered around like a rat firework, and it stopped and looked back at me.


 And then it started running again. He's so clever.
 I unpacked Krull and he started walking toward the wolf. I guess she's trying to take care of him.
 You're the big sister in our family. If you look at the order in which they came to our house, Helen may be in between, but she is probably older.
 As for Kururu and Saamya, I'd say Saamya just barely. She is five years old in beastly age. I think Krull is probably younger than that.
 I don't know the age of dragons, so it's just a hunch. It's possible that she's 180 years old. ......?
 Since the little wolf is certainly the youngest and definitely older than the little wolf, Kururu should be the older sister.

I'm not sure what to do.

 I'm sure you're the youngest, and I'm sure you're older than that, so you can call me Krull.
 Deanna was about to wander off with him, but he cleared his throat and stopped her. Thank God, she still had some sense left in her.

 I carried the stuff I had unloaded from Krull into the warehouse. I put the mushrooms and herbs in there to dry.
 I also cut up some dried meat. This is for the little wolf.
 We all talked about the lunch we didn't eat, and decided to eat it in the garden.
 When we got back to the house, I reheated the tea and boiled the dried meat to make it soft. I don't know how old the wolf is when it can handle hard food, but I think it's probably old enough to be able to handle it.
 So we prepare soft meat for them. From now on, I'll have to leave more raw meat for her when she catches something.

 Lay out a cloth in the yard as a leisure sheet and prepare lunch, tea, and meat for the wolf.
 A little wolf who had been playing with Krull a short distance away came toward me, perhaps smelling me or sensing me from the way I was preparing. Thank God I didn't have to call out.
 They each sat down on the seat, and the little wolf sat down next to Diana. I put some unseasoned, boiled and softened dried meat there, and she started to eat it.
 Well, I guess it's too early for her to learn to wait, so I didn't say anything for the time being.
 We humans ate our fill, and Krull lay down right next to the seat. She doesn't eat much, you know.

Now we have to think of a name for her.

 I said as I watched the little wolf hug and gobble up the meat.

"Don't you have a better idea Eizo?

 Deanna asks. I opened my mouth slowly.

"No, I'm .......
Eizo has no sense of naming things, you know.

 "Eizo doesn't have any sense of naming," Samija told me. I cover my face with my hands.

"The master is ......
"I see. ......

 I can hear Rikke and Liddy talking to me in a gentle voice. I shrank even more.

I'm not sure what to do.

 Samija said, moving the conversation forward. I took my hand away from my face.

I took my hand away from my face, "I wonder if she's male or female?

 As she said this, Deanna picked up the wolf, who had already finished his meat, and checked his crotch area. Samija is peeking at her from the side.

"You're a girl.
"It's a girl.

 Samija confirms, and Diana takes over. Another girl. It's about time there were more guys besides me. .......
 In case you're wondering, I'm thinking about it too. I'm just trying to figure it out.


 While we were all groaning and thinking about names, Liddy murmured.
 I see, Lucy.

"Isn't that cute?

 I said honestly. Samija, Deanna, Rike and Helen don't seem to have any objections.
 Deanna says she'll put the wolf down.

"So your name's Lucy.

 And so the little wolf was replaced by Lucy, who joined our family.