230 Second one.

 Lucy was the first to finish eating and wanted to run around the area, so I said, "As far as you can see," as usual, and she cheerfully replied and started running.
 Krull, who had been snoozing, seemed to have sensed this and slowly got up and started running after her.
 Lucy, too, is following her orders and staying out of our sight. She (the real wolf? I guess she (the real wolf?) understands that it's dangerous to go where we can't see her.
 Watching him run around like this made our lunch quite enjoyable.

 After such a leisurely lunch, Samija and I lay down. Everyone else remained seated, looking like a family relaxing in a foreign park.

I wonder what we should do with Lucy's cabin.

 I murmured. I think the house or Krull's hut would be enough, but it would be nice to have a dedicated doghouse or wolfhouse. It's like a basic DIY project.
 No, I'm sure there's no such thing as basic DIY when you've already built a room addition and a running dragon hut.

"Don't you need it?

 It was Diana who said that.
 She's probably thinking she should just let them stay at home.

"Do noblemen keep hunting dogs in the house?
"No? No, we didn't have them, but the ones that do have their own buildings and janitors because they can't keep more than one or two dogs.
Oh, I see.

 If it was a nobleman's hunt, it would be done in a vast wilderness. One or two cows wouldn't be enough.
 It is obvious that such a large number of animals cannot be managed without specialists. The management costs would be high, and it would be hard for the aristocracy.

If you want to keep a beastman ......, do you want him to roost with you?
We change roosts from time to time, you know.

 Samias ......, or rather beastmen, change their roosts. If they change their roost every now and then, they won't be able to build a hut every time.
 So, if you keep them, they will basically live with you in the roost.

What about dwarves?
There were some workshops that had dogs, but they were basically guard dogs, so they built huts and lived outside.
Dwarves seem to make things quickly.
That's also possible.

 Rikke and the other dwarves were dwarves, and the answer was what I thought it would be. If you're a dwarf and you're going to build an addition to your house, you might as well build a doghouse.

Elves are ......
"We're like common property of the village. There is a village in the forest. So we don't have any kind of hut, and the dogs and wolves are where they want to be, or they coexist. ......
I see.

 Liddy replied with some bite. I'm not sure what to make of this. It's been a long time since I've had information that fits with my view of elves from my previous world.

You can't afford to keep a dog when you're a mercenary.
There were few people who had dogs. There were a few, but they couldn't stay in the inn, so they had to be able to stay in the field all the time.

 On the contrary, there may be some people who are willing to stay in the wild for their dogs. People's love for their pets is unfathomable.

 We talked a lot after that, but in the end, we decided not to build a hut and not to tie him up anywhere in particular.
 Deanna said and I agreed that it would be better to just tie her up since she's still a wolf, but seeing how she's running around now, Krull doesn't need to guide her or anything to keep her out of our sight. ...... I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
 Also, as with Krull, if something were to happen, she would abandon this place and run away.
 And if Lucy wants to go back to the wild, Deanna might object, but I'm okay with that. You're free to go back then.
 Somehow, I have a feeling that she won't do that. But I'll leave it to the grown-up to decide. The wolf.

 Maybe I need to make my own weapon. ......

 There was a lull in the air, and Lucy suddenly fell asleep leaning on Krull as if her batteries had run out (my shoulder HP was down).
 I hadn't thought to bring a conspicuous weapon with me during the Helen rescue mission because it was an infiltration, but I could have asked Camilo to bring one if I wanted to.
 Besides, I think it would be better to have a weapon that could be useful in a case like this.

 Reach is important, right?

 Rikke asks excitedly. We're talking about weapons.

 No long-handled weapons, because they're too long to carry.
 A longsword, then?
 Hmm, .......

 I cocked my head. The length and usefulness of a longsword might be about the same, but something about it didn't feel right.

 "What about the one you were making for that demon?

 As Rike and I were groaning, Deanna said casually.

 That's it! That's it!

 Rike and I both agreed. That's a good idea.
 And so I decided to make my second sword.