231 good night

 I'm going to make my own sword. The mere sound of it excites me, but I'm off today.
 Take a break when you can. It's an ironclad rule of good work.
 When I think about it, when I first came here, I was working very hard, partly because my life depended on it.

 Now, if I want to make a living, I can do it three days a week.
 If Ricke helps me, I only need to make a few high-end models, so one day's work is enough for me.
 Well, that's all thanks to Camilo, who is a steady buyer.
 Since we've just come back from a long trip and Lucy has just arrived, we'll have to wait a little longer, but I think we should go on a little trip somewhere instead of a picnic like this one.
 Of course, that's only if everyone agrees.

 After a long time of relaxing like that, the sun began to set. It was a little after noon when we got home, so it was natural.
 We all cleaned up quickly and went into the house. Krull also went back to the cabin. Lucy seems to be going into the house with us for now.
 However, she's not without caution, since she saw Cermia go in first.
 He entered the house slowly, sniffed the surrounding area, and started pacing around.
 Since nothing is on fire at the moment and dangerous knives have been put away, I will let him do as he pleases for the time being.

 After a round of the living room and kitchen, he seemed to have gotten used to it and started to crunch the door of my room with his paws, so I opened it and let him in.
 I opened the door and let him in. He went around the room sniffing, and then came out. After repeating the same process in the guest room and everyone's room, he lay down in the corner of the living room. Apparently, he had learned the smell of the house and wanted to spend some time in a comfortable place.
 However, that would soon come to an end. Deanna and Helen went out of their room to practice with their wooden swords. Lucy hurriedly followed them.
 Everyone who stayed at home, including me, wiped and cleaned themselves. The two who had gone to practice came back later.
 I get ready for dinner. But I had a late lunch today, so I cut back on the amount of food I ate.
 I thought about skipping it, but Deanna and Helen would be hungry from practicing, and I didn't want to prepare it for just the two of them.

 I'll boil the dried meat in a pot and put it back. Some of this will be for Lucy. The human portion is boiled with root vegetables, salted meat, and seasonings.
 However, I left the unfermented bread for Deanna and Helen only. It's surprisingly hard on the stomach.

 Eventually, Deanna, Helen and Lucy returned from outside. The other two went to their rooms to clean up.
 Lucy is lying down in her favorite spot that she found earlier. I'll put a blanket or something on her soon. .......

 After I put the food on the table, I put Lucy's meat on a plate by the table, and she looked around at everyone and sat down in front of the plate.
 Then she sits down and doesn't start eating. I guess he was so hungry that he ate right away at lunch. I think I may have done something wrong.
 I have to praise him for his good behavior.

"Oh, you're waiting for me. That's smart.

 I stroked Lucy's head and neck, and she wagged her tail.
 When everyone sat down to eat, Lucy started to eat too. Deanna's eyes are sparkling. Now that we're sitting apart, my shoulder is safe.

"Samija told me once that forest wolves are very smart.

 Lucy is trying to adjust to our home because she lost her parents when she ran into a bear after she and her parents were forced to leave the pack or abandoned for some reason, but I wonder if this is an exception.
 It's not impossible to keep a bear, but if it were easy to keep a bear, it would be in the same position as a dog, and I guess it's a rare case.

 As we finished dinner and started to clean up, Lucy started to crunch the door to the outside.

"What's wrong? What's going on?

 When I stopped cleaning up and opened the door, she went out, twitched her nose, and started walking.
 I was curious, so I followed him to the hut where Krull was.

"Oh, you want to sleep with Krull?

 When I said that, Lucy stopped and wagged her tail. If I go to Deanna, she'll probably let me into her bed, but that's her choice, and I don't see why I should stop her.

"All right, all right, then, good night.

 I crouched down and gave her a light pat on the head, and Lucy wagged her tail and went back to her hut.