232 a blue glow

 The next morning, I woke up and carried the water bottle on my shoulder as usual. When I went outside, I found Krull and Lucy waiting for me.

"You're up too?

 When I call out to Lucy, she wags her tail vigorously and lets out a bark.
 It's not a very loud bark. I wonder if she senses that everyone else is still asleep.

"Okay, okay, let's go with Krull, then.

 I put a water bottle around Krull's neck, and the journey of one person and two cows to fetch water (about 30 minutes on foot) began.

 The air in the forest in the morning seemed a little clearer. I wondered if it was because the temperature was lower than in the daytime.
 When I breathe in, the fresh air fills my lungs, and my still half-dreaming brain starts to warm up.
 Still, the sight of the unusual group of humans, dragons, and wolves making their way through the early morning sun must seem strange to other people. But this is our family.

 When we arrived at the lake, we fetched water first and then took a bath. I wiped Krull's body and Lucy's ...... body, and she jumped into the lake by herself.
 You'll be able to find a lot more information on the web at the moment. She looked like she was feeling good, so I might as well wash her now and then.
 I wiped Lucy's wet body with the towel I had brought with me, squeezing it tightly.
 Of course, I wouldn't be able to wipe her off completely, but it would be better than leaving her wet.
 Tomorrow, I'll have to get another towel for Lucy. Whether she washes it or not, she needs to wipe it off when she jumps into the lake.
 If you don't jump into the lake, you can just take it home with you.

 After that, I came back home as usual. I collected the water bottle from Krull and carried it into the house with mine.
 When Krull saw this, he went back to the hut as usual, but Lucy went inside with me.

Oh, food.

 From now on, when I cook breakfast, I have to prepare Lucy's portion first.
 But I just boil the dried meat in plain water first and put it back. You can boil it again at noon.
 Lunch would be the day after the hunt, or the day when fresh meat is available.

 Get two pots, one for our food and one for boiling Lucy's. If we use less water for Lucy's, it will boil faster, and if we prepare the unfermented bread, it will be ready in about
 If you're preparing unfermented bread, you should be able to get it ready in about 10 minutes.
 We'll waste the water we used to boil Lucy's rice and add it to ours. There's probably some broth in it.
 While we're cutting the boiled meat into small pieces and letting it cool, we finish preparing breakfast.
 We all said good-bye to each other, including Lucy (she was just waiting), and it was the usual breakfast scene.
 The scene was the same as usual, but just a little more lively.

 After breakfast, we did our daily prayers and started to work, but it was dangerous, so we asked Lucy to stay outside.
 When I opened the door to the forge, I saw Krull outside, so I decided to leave it to her.

If anything goes wrong, knock on the door.

 Whether they understood my words or not, they both replied cheerfully when I said so. Let's get to work.

 I clapped my hands in prayer and picked up the Apoitakara that was sitting near the altar.
 I used it on Helen's sword, but I'm sure there's still enough in there to take a swing at my sword.
 ...... I was a little worried and checked the cheat, but it seems to work.
 The whole lump is plunged into a fire pit and heated. The apoitakara glows blue, as if it were the only place where the temperature is low.
 However, you cheat to make sure that the temperature is rising, and when it reaches a temperature at which you can process it, you take it out and tap it.
 A squeaky, glassy, icy sound echoed through the smithy.
 Hearing this sound, Rike, who was observing the rare Apoitakara processing, said, "I knew it sounded beautiful.

It's a beautiful sound.
It's a little different from mithril.

 I replied. Mithril has a clearer, higher-pitched sound.
 It would be a rare opportunity for a blacksmith to be able to distinguish between the two.
 Everyone else is working on sheet metal. Samija and Deanna are comfortable with hammering sheet metal, and with Liddy and Helen helping out, there's no need to worry.
 That sound is familiar. That's a sound I like.
 As if in session with that sound, I hammer down on the blue glow.