233 Apoitakara swordsmithing

 After a day's work, the impurities were removed from the apoitakara and a long, thin board was produced. In terms of the process of making a Japanese sword, this means that we have completed the process of casting.
 The process should be more difficult than mithril, and in fact it is, but it went more smoothly than I had expected.
 I had expected that my skills would have improved, even if I had to rely on cheats, but I was a little pleased to see that they did.
 The fact that I've been making new weapons from time to time (though not recently), and that I've handled two special materials, mithril and apoitakara, seems to have had an effect.
 It's like, no matter how many cheats you can handle, it's not always easy to make your body work the way you want it to.

 The process from now on is basically the same as when I struck the demon Nilda with a sword before.
 I say "basically" because I'm going to skip a few steps and tasks.
 For example, I have already skipped the process of making and combining iron skin and heart iron.
 For example, I already skipped the process of making and combining the skin iron and the core iron. Unlike steel, there is no need to do so in the case of all-apoitakara (although there was no real reason to do so in the case of Nilda), so I did not do it.
 For the same reason, quenching is not done either. If this is the case, then the warp is not determined at the time of quenching, but at the stage when the hizukuri is completed.
 It may be debatable whether it can be called a sword or not, but it satisfies the requirements of "neither broken nor bent," and that is why I call it a sword this time.

 On this day, Lucy ate dinner with us and went to bed with Krull.
 Perhaps, in her own small way, she is trying to act as a guard dog.
 The problem is that there are not many people or animals who can get close to this house.
 Well, it's more likely that he just wants to be with Krull than a guard dog. He's probably still a child, so please don't push him too hard.

 The next morning, I went with Krull and Lucy to fetch water. Lucy is walking a little ahead of me. She does not come close to Krull, so it is not difficult for either of us to walk.
 She seems to be doing so out of consideration. If Lucy has learned this much from yesterday, she must be very smart.
 Today, Lucy did not jump into the lake. So I just wiped her body lightly with a hard towel like Krull.

 After returning and getting ready for the morning, Krull and Lucy are out again today, and we're working at the forge.
 I'm going to make the fire for the sword, and Rike and the others are going to make the sword. I already showed you the Apoitakara process yesterday.
 I wasn't sure if I should show it to him again today, and I think it's better to show it to him, but he also said

I think it's better for him to be able to do it by himself.

 So I decided to start working on the sword by myself.

 As before, I started with a long, narrow board with a rectangular cross-section, and heated and beat apoitakara to make the cross-section into a pentagon.
 Yesterday, I thought I had put in all the magic power I could, but now I can see that I am putting in more and more as I make the pentagon.
 In other words, it will become harder and harder to hit.
 I tightened up my slightly slackened consciousness and hammered down on the apoitakara.

 In the end, I did not proceed to the point where I could make the cutting edge and warp on this day. All I got was a thin, pentagonal apoitakara plate.

This one is tricky. ......

 Perhaps Helen was better off because she only needed to make the plates, or perhaps it was for some other reason, but she would have a hard time making the stalks and tips in the future.
 Rike and the others were making swords at a slightly faster pace than usual.

 With the help of Rikke, Saamya, Diana, Liddy, and Helen, I am able to make things as I please.
 As for me, I consider the money I earn to be shared, but they never ask for anything except for daily necessities.
 So far, I've been taking advantage of that.

 Maybe I should do something to return the favor. As I cleaned up the mess, my thoughts went around in circles.