234 desire

 The next day, I managed to make the pentagonal shape of the blade. The process itself remains the same today, so Rike and the others continue with their normal work.
 This process of fire-making completes the blade (although the flange, hilt, and scabbard still need to be made), so even if some of the later processes can be omitted, the work will be even more tedious than before.
 The first step was to make the cutting edge. After cutting the tip diagonally on the side of the blade, tap it to make it round and sharp.
 This time the cutting edge is a large spearhead. I was not sure whether to use the same tip as the boar's head tip, but I decided to use this one.

 I used all the time I had in the morning to make the shape of the cutting edge. The result is quite bluff.
 I have no hesitation in bringing a weapon into the world, and I know that this is mainly for self-defense.
 However, I still feel that it would be better not to use it at all.
 It is doubtful how many beasts and people would be intimidated by a large spearhead, but it is enough if the person you confronted loses his will to fight and walks away.
 I left the women who seemed to be working a little longer (sadly, that is, all of them except me ......) at the forge and went back to the house to prepare lunch.

Hmmm, it's cooler back here after all.

 It was simply the temperature difference between the forge and the house, or perhaps it was the fact that the fire was always burning at the other side.
 The other side always has a fire going, and it's at a temperature at which iron can be processed. So the room temperature in the forge is more like a sauna. There is a difference in temperature to the extent that it seems cooler just by a door.
 Helen has only been here a short time, so she's not completely used to it, but everyone else has gotten used to it.
 However, this does not mean that they do not sweat. We all sweat more than our fair share.

 That's why there are always water bottles in the forge to keep you hydrated, as well as wooden cups with your name engraved on them, and everyone drinks water as needed.
 The more water you drink, the more you sweat. So, after work, I and everyone else wipe our bodies with a wet cloth.
 Some of the dirt comes from charcoal and other things, but after wiping, the cloth has a lot of dirt on it. In other words, that's how dirty our bodies are.
 This is the standard of hygiene in this world at the moment, so I'm going along with it, and no one is complaining about it.
 Even Diana, who was a daughter of a noble family, didn't complain about it, so I guess it's similar at the noble level. Come to think of it, even in Count Amur's house, he basically wiped himself with hot water.

 However, the fact that there are no complaints and the fact that as a (former) Japanese who loves bathing as much as the Romans, I have a desire to take a bath and refresh myself at such a time is another story.
 "I don't want to have a cold beer, but at least I want to soak in warm water.
 The problem with baths is the amount of water and fuel. Both are used in abundance. If we can come up with a solution to both of these problems, we can tell everyone and build a bathhouse. .......
 I wiped myself off lightly and thought about my future plans as I prepared lunch.

 By the time lunch was finished, everyone had returned to the house. When Deanna opened the door, Lucy jumped in without pausing.
 Deanna opens the door and looks out to see Krull grazing a short distance away.
 She eats everything, but she seems to prefer plants to meat, and sometimes I see her doing that. I can't let her in the house, but it might be good to have more chances to eat outside like the other day.

 After lunch, I returned to my work. From here on, I'll be working on the warp, but here I had a flash of inspiration.
 When you put magic power into Apoitakara, the color of the part changes a little. This is because the glow of the area changes, and I thought I could use that to add a crest to the blade. But this time, I thought I could use it to make a crest.
 I was prepared to have a sword without a crest since I would not be quenching it, but if this goes well, I may be able to make a sword with the crest I want.
 Inwardly excited, I hammered on the blade, which was beginning to take shape.