236 like water

 When I opened the door, Lucy was waiting for me with her tail wagging.

"Stay away from her.

 She may or may not have known I was going to say that, but she gave a single "woof" and moved away. However, its tail is still wagging.
 I've never owned a dog, so I don't know how smart she is, but she seems to understand what I'm saying quite well.
 Maybe that's the reason why he was kicked out of the pack, but I can't help but imagine this.
 Krull is lazily lying down at a distance. Maybe he's absorbing some magic.

 Behind me, they all came out one by one.
 Deanna and Helen have wooden swords (Helen's is a two-fisted shortsword), so I guess they're practicing their swords.

I'm sure we're all anxious to see how well the master has made what he's put so much effort into.

 Rikke said with a chuckle.

I'm sure you've got a hell of a lot to show for it.

 The one who seems to be taking it easy is Samija. She's seen all the things I've made up to this point, so she's probably wondering what I've made this time.

 Liddy hasn't said a word since she came out, but her eyes are sparkling, so it seems she's interested.

Don't get too close to her.

 I said with a wry smile, to which he replied with unanimous approval.

 There was a piece of lumber left outside that was about the size of a man, so I set it up at the edge of the yard.
 I let my combat cheat do the work and slashed the thing horizontally.
 It felt more at home in my body than any other weapon I'd ever used, and I swung it out with no resistance. There was no sound except the whooshing sound of the sword.
 The blue light rushing in the path of the swing is quite beautiful. It was as if water was flowing.
 From the sound of it, Helen and everyone else might have looked as if the sword had just been swung out of their hands.
 Deanna and Saamya may have been able to see it just in time, but Rike and Liddy probably couldn't.

 On the other hand, the wood on the other side of the cut was standing there as if nothing had happened at all.
 When I approached and poked it with the handle of my sword, it split in two.

"Holy shit!

 Helen shouted loudly, echoing throughout the Kuro Forest. Krull jumped up, and Lucy's tail puffed out like a cat's for a moment, but it quickly returned to normal when she realized that the voice was coming from Helen.

It's amazing how you can slash without a sound!

 Helen speaks with high tension, whether she realizes it or not.
 The one I gave to Nilda was also well made, but the cutting power is much different, perhaps due to the difference in materials.

 The performance of the sword itself was somewhat predictable based on what I've made so far and what I've made before, but if I'm being vain, the feeling when I cut it was different in the first place.
 Come to think of it, I haven't really tested the differences between weapons in my combat cheats. I haven't used any other weapons, at most shortsword and spear.
 Perhaps there is some kind of aptitude that makes me best suited for swords.
 If possible, I hope that I will never be in a situation where I have to use the power of the sword, but I made the sword for self-defense, so if it is suitable for me, so much the better.

It's better than I thought.

 I couldn't tell the others about the situation, so I just said that to cover it up.
 I held it up again, this time hitting the other half. A ray of blue light flashed through the air, and without response or sound, half of the blade pierced the wood as if swallowed.

 I gently pulled my hand away and looked at the back of the blade to see the tip peeking out just a little.
 Seeing this, I gently pulled out my sword.

It might penetrate the shield even if you have it up.
I think it will.

 It was Helen who responded to my half-sibling mumbling. She's a mercenary and knows more about this kind of thing than the rest of the family.

If you think you're thin enough, you'll be pierced. I'm just glad I'm not in a position to be an enemy to you, Eizo.

 Helen shakes her head deliberately. Her tone and gestures are mocking, but I'm sure she means what she says. Her eyes are not smiling much.

It may be too much for self-defense, but it's always better to be prepared and have a good cutting edge.

 Helen nodded vigorously as I said this. I'm relieved to have the endorsement of a mercenary with the nickname "Thunderbolt". I was deeply relieved. Samija, who seemed to have sensed this, also smiled.

 This time, Rike asked me, not hiding his excitement.

"What are you going to name it?
"A name?

 I didn't understand what he meant for a moment, so I asked him.

"Yes, a name. If it's such a magnificent thing, I thought it should have a name. I'm not sure what you mean by that. But it belongs to the master, doesn't it? Then the master has the right to name it.

 I see, so there is such a custom. By the way, in the previous world, there were many mythical weapons that had names. For example, Gungnir and Tenmoraunken. In the case of swords, there were the Hatcho Nembutsu, the Utasen Kanesada, and the Beard Cutter.
 It's a bit embarrassing to be treated as if I'm in the same league as them, but it's a well-made sword made of a rare material, and it might be nice to have a name other than my own, a so-called "Gou".

"I guess so. ......

 I pondered for a moment. The blue trajectory of the sword moves like water flowing, so it could be called Ryusui, but that would be too straightforward. I want to twist it a little more.
 It took me a while, but I came up with this one.

"Thin ice, this guy's name is thin ice.