237 thin ice

 Although it has a light blue glow, ice is essentially a cold metal. Therefore, it is not water but ice.
 The blade is much thinner than that of Western swords, hence the name "Usu-hi", which is derived from Minamoto no Yoshitsune's sword, "Usu-midori" (also known as "knee-kiri", "knee-maru", "spider-kiri", "bokumaru", etc.).
 That's why it is called "Usu-Goori" instead of "Haku-Hyo".

"You've seen it?

 When I responded to Samija's murmur, she nodded her head.

We don't get snow here often, but we've had cold years. I was surprised to find that the water I had pumped was frozen.
"I see.

 I had heard from my mother that water freezes during the short period of child-rearing, so I knew that such a thing happened, but it seems that there is a big difference between hearing about it and actually seeing it.
 Then Deanna joined in.

"Was it three years ago?
Oh, that was about it?
That was a particularly cold year.

 This forest and the capital are relatively close. This forest and the capital are relatively close to each other, so the climate would be similar.
 Since this is in the middle of the forest, there may be some differences, such as the difference in the force of the wind, but in terms of weather, Samija and Diana's experiences should be similar in the past five years.

It doesn't get too cold in my workshop, so I'm looking forward to it.
Maybe it's because of the wind currents, but my forest has been relatively mild.

 That's how it seems to be in the place where Rikke and Liddy lived.
 It's not that they don't know what ice is or that they don't know the language, but there are a lot of people who have never seen it.
 It's like the people in the previous world who live in a sea-less prefecture and hardly ever see the ocean. I guess those people have seen the ocean many times in their lives.

"I've been all over the place. I've seen some big ice.

 Helen's a mercenary, so she's been to cold regions many times on business. The coldest place she's been is where there is a meter of snow.
 She was supposed to be able to work normally, but the sudden cold wave made her do so. It was so cold that he couldn't work, but I guess so. .......
 The installation says that it is colder in the north of the world ......, so it is not strange that I have seen ice as I am supposed to be from the north of the world.
 I would like to travel to other parts of the world to broaden my horizons.
 We return to the forge, talking about the climate of our respective places of residence. Deanna and Helen are going to practice. Krull and Lucy are going to watch them.

 Back at the forge, I put the sword back under the altar, where it has come to be known as "thin ice. After that, we cleaned up and called it a day.

 The next day, after completing my morning routine, I set the forge on fire. The next day, after I had completed my morning routine, I set fire to the forge.
 I put thin ice on the lumber I brought from outside to make a mold. The difficult part is to make the scabbard in this shape so that the blade can float.
 The difficulty is that the blade must float.

 The process of carving the inside of the scabbard in the shape of the blade and laminating it with glue is the same as before.
 The scabbard is coated with the same oil used for Western sword scabbards, but I would like to lacquer it soon. I'll ask Camilo again to see if there are any from the north.
 While the scabbard was drying, I started to make the parts for the tsuba and chestnut shapes. I kept it simple, since it's not for delivery and it's for self-defense.
 If you are interested, you can make them when you have a day off.
 The small parts are made of steel, so they were easy to make. I put them together to make a sword.
 A Japanese sword with a nearly white wooden scabbard and a leather handle is now ready. Immediately, I wrapped a cloth around my waist as a belt and put the sword there.
 I tried to pull it out and insert it lightly, but there was no problem. Now I can carry it with me whenever I want.

 I can carry it with me ......, but my current attire is the so-called RPG villager style.
 I wear a leather apron when I work as a blacksmith, but my basic attire is linen and a leather vest on the top, and a similar look on the bottom, with a simple sword underneath.
 To my personal sense of aesthetics, it looks very strange.

"Hey, isn't that weird?

 I couldn't help but ask everyone, but they didn't say it was strange. I guess it's because I almost never see kimonos in the first place.
 Maybe I should get some kimonos one of these days. Or maybe I should make something like a sword hanging.
 There are still many problems, but for the time being, I have completed a powerful self-defense weapon. Hopefully, this will give me more peace of mind when I go out.
 With that in mind, I placed the whole set under the altar.