238 Toward an affluent life

 The next morning, when I was fetching water, I wore thin ice. As usual, it is a completely excessive weapon.
 To use an analogy, it's like having a sword as your final equipment at the first village in an RPG.
 However, there is a saying that you should be prepared for anything. It's not as much of a hindrance as you might think, and it's always better to have something good just in case.
 It's not because I'm happy that I finished it yesterday. ......

 The fetching of water went off without a hitch. As usual, I, Krull, and Lucy are clean, and we were able to get enough water.
 However, it is impossible to get enough water for the bath with this method. There must be some way to get a large amount of water.
 Since there seems to be some spring water in the lake, there must be pressurized aquifers in the area, i.e., pressurized groundwater sandwiched between impermeable and impermeable layers.
 If this is the case, it is not impossible to dig a well to that formation.
 Fortunately, I can use the magic of air blast. It's not enough to blow people away, but I think I can blow air into the hole from outside and ventilate it.
 The problem is that I have to maintain the magic, so the digging will be done by someone in my family.

 Alternatively, I could build a channel, like the idol group did on the desert island in the previous world. This time, the conditions should be better than those, so it will be done quickly.
 Even with ......, it took me about two and a half years while doing other things with 500m.
 Even with a little more concentration and without any difficulties along the way, it may take about the same amount of time to run a channel between the lake and the house, which are about 1 km apart.
 The advantage (depending on how you do it) is that you get to use a waterwheel.
 Then I can move a big, heavy hammer like a regular blacksmith, and hit sheet metal easily with it.
 If you're planning to live here for decades to come, it's not a bad idea to set up such facilities as soon as possible, even if it takes a while now.
 We can take our time in this area, but the rainy season is just around the corner. I'll have to build a terrace in the next two weeks after the next delivery.

 On this day, I built a high-end model as fast as I could. My experience with swords and swordsmanship at Apoitakara has come in handy, and I was able to do it pretty fast. .......
 I think I know what I'm doing better than before. It's like he knows the right places to hit and the right amount of force to apply. I think this will be enough for the delivery to Camilo.
 I'm sure he won't complain if I just deliver the standard model, but it's a matter of personal honor that I'll be remiss if I don't deliver the high-end model as well.

 The next day, as I was loading the delivery onto the cart, Krull lumbered into position. He's been pulling the cart many times now, so he knows we're going to the city after we load it.
 I pat Krull and put on his gear. When everything was ready, I took Lucy and put her in the cart.
 It's still too difficult to jump up and get in. She's happy to have a higher vantage point, and she's wagging her tail and scampering around in the back of the cart.
 Everyone climb in and let's go. As Krull began to move the cart forward with a single yelp, Lucy stood next to Rique, who held the reins, looking ahead. Her tail is still wagging.
 The scenery changes from the forest to the city streets. Lucy's tail is wagging all the time, making me wonder if she's okay.

There aren't many forest wolves who can experience something like this.
"Not many forest wolves get to experience this.

 "Not many forest wolves get to experience something like this," Cami replies to my emotion.

"People who've ridden in a cart pulled by a dragon are rare too.
"That's true. I doubt even the minister has ever ridden in one.
I've never even heard of it.

 Rikke, Deanna, and Helen, who was wearing a wig, all spoke of Krull's rarity. Liddy nodded his head in agreement.
 We arrived at the city, watching Lucy gazing out of the train windows like a small child in the previous world, with each of us supporting her to keep her from falling.