239 procurement

 At the entrance to the city was a familiar guard. When he noticed us, he waved lightly at us, and we waved back.
 His eyes caught Lucy's for a moment, but he didn't say anything to us.
 I don't know if they think it's usual for something to increase, or if they just don't care about dogs (Lucy is a wolf), but I'm relieved to see that she doesn't seem to need a collar or leash like in the previous world.
 But I might make something similar with colored string or cloth instead of a collar. I don't think there are many houses around here that have running dragons or forest wolves, but I think it would be good to have something to show their affiliation.

 Krull is slowly pulling a cart through the city. Occasionally, some people look at Krull and Liddy strangely, but most of them don't seem to care.
 The people who have seen them in their own way - in other words, the people who live in this town
 I'm glad to hear that this is becoming a thing among people who live in the city.

 We arrived at Camilo's store as usual, without any particular incident in the city. After putting the cart in the warehouse, I left Krull and this time Lucy with the usual chap.

I said, "Wait here and be smart with your sister Krull.

 When I said this while petting Lucy, she gave a single bark and wagged her tail. She's so smart.
 With Krull huddled in the shade of a tree and Lucy running around him, we headed for the usual business meeting room.

 We entered the room and waited for a while for Camilo.

"Speaking of which, is there anything you guys want?

 In the middle of a random conversation, I started. My income is not basically my own. It's shared by the workshop.
 I've told everyone in the family, including Helen, who joined the family later, and they all agree.
 Despite this, I am the only one who actively uses it at the moment. I feel a little embarrassed or guilty about it.
 In the past, when I asked him what he wanted, he wanted threads for mending and pieces of cloth for splicing, so I included them in the items that Camilo gave me, but they were consumables and he did not want anything.
 To some extent, we can imagine that Samija, who didn't know what she wanted in the first place, Rike, who lived in a large family and basically shared things, and Liddy, who lived almost self-sufficiently in the forest, didn't want anything.
 Helen came here with nothing, so she needed some personal items, but since she moved around a lot, she didn't have any personal belongings, so she didn't have anything she wanted.
 However, as a young lady of nobility, I expected Deanna to want a few more of her own things, but she never showed any sign of it.

It's not like that.

 I don't think so," she says.

We can afford it, you know. We can afford to have clothes made.
"We don't need them in the forest, we still have them for emergencies. I still have some at home.

 It's true that living in the forest, you don't need many clothes that you would wear in the city. I even mend the clothes I wear in the city so that I can move around easily.
 However, since you never know what kind of business will bring you back to Marius, I think it would be better to have some luxurious clothes, but I'm sure that one dress will be enough.
 If you ask me, I'm sure my parents have some clothes in their house, so I don't think I'll have any trouble with clothes.

If I may say so.

 As I pondered, Deanna continued.

I'd like to have some sort of family accessory.
I see.
"I'd like to get one too.

 I'd like to have some kind of family accessory," Helen murmured, as I chimed in on Deanna's words.
 I have a sense of belonging, too. I think I could do anything for my family, and if any of them were in danger, I would eliminate them by any means necessary.
 There is also the story of how Helen became a family member this time. If she is captured, she may be taken away (which seems to be the case more often than not), but it makes sense that it would be reassuring to have some kind of proof of family if that doesn't happen.

I get it. Okay, let's go look for the source of something else.

 I'll talk to the others. It's a good opportunity, and we can talk to Camilo afterwards.
 When Samija heard this, she looked at me suspiciously and asked.

You're going to go look for it, aren't you going to make it?
I'll make one, but at least I'm ignorant about accessory design. I need something to work from, whether it's for additional processing or for reference.

 I'm sure that's the extent of the production cheat, but I'd like to learn more about the design in the first place.

"So, what are you going to do?

 This time Liddy spoke to me. She often just listens quietly, but that's unusual.
 I looked at her and said.

I'm going to the capital.