244 Let's go on a family trip.

 I returned to the forge and began work on the next hoe. Rike has also started to make a hoe of his own.
 It's like a time attack from here. We're going on a family trip to the capital tomorrow, so if the two of us can make ten hoes together today, we'll be happy.
 While Rike and I were hoeing, the pattern and sheet metal were being made one after the other. The difficulty of the work is much different, but it's also due to the improved skills of the Saamians.

 The work seems to be about 1.2 times faster than before.
 It may not seem like much when you put it in numbers, but when you consider that before, it would take 12 pieces to make 10, and 60 pieces to make 50, it's quite a big difference.
 This is especially true when you need to "count" as in this case.

"Everyone's getting better.

 Samija's ears perked up as I said this.

"Yeah. Hey, Rike.
"Yes, sir. I think you're definitely improving.

 Samija is conspicuously happy, but Deanna and Liddy are both moderately happy.
 Helen said, ...... Well, you've only just arrived. It's a good idea to take your time and improve.
 I told Helen this, she nodded her head with a powerful look in her eyes, and we both went back to our own work.

 On this day, we exceeded our goal of ten and made eleven. I made seven and Rike made four.

"You're no match for the master, after all.
"Well, you're the master. "Well, you're the master. You can't let your apprentice surpass you so easily.

 I say with a laugh. I'm sure Rike's skills are pretty good too, since he can keep up with the production speed of the cheat, but I didn't tell him that.

 Next day. Today is the day I go to the capital. However, there was nothing special to prepare, and it was no different from the day we were going to the city.
 The clothes are the same as usual, except that Diana is a little more dressed up. In the city, there are many different kinds of people, so I think people are less concerned about what others are wearing.
 Of course, there are appropriate clothes for different statuses and occasions, but if you are just looking around the city, there is no need to worry about such things.

 I will carry weapons to protect myself in the cart, but when I arrive at the capital, I will limit the weapons on my body to the bare necessities, such as knives. I don't want to cause any unnecessary conflicts.
 In the twilight, when the sun has not yet risen, I tie the cart to Krull without the usual deliveries.
 We all got into the cart (Diana gave Lucy a ride) and we set off, though earlier than usual.
 Rieke handles the reins as usual, but Krull looks back at us and doesn't move. I wonder if it's because he's not carrying any luggage.

I won't load you today. I'll go farther instead.

 When I called out to Krull, who looked back at me, he gave a small nod and started walking.

I guess he thought I forgot to load the luggage.
"You're a clever one, Krull.

 "You're very clever, Krull," said Rieke, admiring the way he handled the reins. I could only agree with him, so I nodded and said, "Yes.

 When we go through the forest, Samija basically uses her nose and ears to keep an eye out, and if we run into a pack of forest wolves or something, we avoid them. This is the same as when going to the city.
 We left the forest without any problems, except for once when we bypassed a place where there seemed to be deer (I couldn't even see them).

 When I left the forest, I was on the street. Normally we would go towards the city, but today we were going in the opposite direction. I'll give the orders, and Rike will handle the reins. Krull hesitated for a moment, but quickly followed the reins.
 We follow the road for a while. Meadows, forests and roads. The scenery itself is the same as when going to the city. It's just that the position is reversed.
 Samija says.

"It's strange to see the scenery you always see on the way back, and to see it on the way to the city, at sunrise.
"Yes, it is.

 I've been to the capital a few times, so it doesn't feel strange to me, but it's probably the first time for Samija to come to this side.
 If it were a completely unknown landscape, she would be able to enjoy it purely because she was starting from scratch, but since she had seen it before, she felt uncomfortable.
 Rike seemed to agree with Samija's words. The others didn't seem to get it. Liddy and Helen were still new to the area.
 Deanna is used to living in the capital, and the city belongs to the House of Amur, so she may be used to it.

 As we walked along the road, the world that had been dyed Akane-colored by the rising sun turned into green, blue, and brown lines, as if it had regained its color.
 It's quite a beautiful scene. If I had a mind to paint it, I would do so.
 At this rate, it will be a beautiful day in Tokyo. I hope this good fortune will allow me to enjoy the day with everyone.
 With that thought in mind, Krull's chariot drove on down the street.