245 metropolisward

 The dragon carriage driven by Krull moves along the road to the capital. Thanks to the suspension, the ride does not become extremely uncomfortable even at high speeds.
 A normal horse-drawn carriage would be uncomfortable to ride in at this speed, and a carriage with suspension would be suspicious because of the relatively little movement of the back.
 On the other hand, even if the speed of a dragon carriage is high, people will think that it is being driven by a running dragon.

 I confirmed this by gradually increasing the speed of the carriage and watching the reactions of passing carriages and travelers.
 Some of them looked surprised or doubtful, but when they found out that it was a runaway dragon, they looked somewhat convinced.
 Well, since a running dragon is rare, Krull was often looked at twice. As for me, as long as I don't look at the cart, I'm fine for now.

 As I walked along the road, I saw a mountain range towering over the city for the first time in my life.


 Samija said with a loud voice, probably because it was the first time for her to see it. "There are mountains near the Kuro Forest, but they're hard to see because of the trees. I wonder if I can see its head in the distance when I go to the lake ......? That's about it.

When you see it, you'll be in the capital.
Is that so?
Yeah. It's not that far away, but I miss it.

 While Samija was excited by my words, Deanna seemed to be feeling a bit sentimental. Even if it's just a day trip, it's still a homecoming. You can stay at the Amur residence if you want.
 When I said that, Deanna sighed and pouted.

"I'm the only one left?
No, that's not what I meant. ......
I know.

 I know, I know." I panicked and Deanna smiled at me mischievously. I've been living with her for a while now, but she's so beautiful, like the daughter of a nobleman, that sometimes I get nervous when I see her expression. This is the case now.

But it's true that I don't like to be left out.
"Okay. I'll go into town with you.

 Deanna smiled again. She had a beautiful smile that still made me nervous, so I moved closer to where Rique was sitting and looked ahead, trying not to fawn over her.
 I could see the familiar outer wall in the distance. We were only a few steps away from the city.

 Thanks to Krull, I arrived at the entrance of the city quite early. Originally I had planned to arrive before noon, but now I was about an hour earlier than that.
 Even if it takes longer to get into the city now, we'll still be able to get to the Amur mansion pretty quickly. ....... Worst case scenario, we might need to kill some time somewhere.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

"Mr. Eizo!

 There is only one identity of the person who calls me by "sama" in this neighborhood. They are the servants of the Amur family.
 I looked at the voice and saw a familiar face, just as I had expected.

"Ah, Miss Katerina.

 The voice came from Katerina. I thought when I came back from the Empire, but she's very active.
 She bowed deeply and said.

I've come for you.
I appreciate that, but are you sure you're okay to be here so early?

 I don't know how long Katerina has been here, but we arrived quite early, so even at normal carriage speed we would have been waiting here for at least another hour.
 It's true that it's impossible to tell exactly when to go, since accurate clocks are not widely used, but if we had planned to arrive in the afternoon, we would have wasted a lot of time on Katerina.
 I might have to tell Marius not to be so cautious. On the contrary, we should be careful.

"Yes, everyone in the house is here, so it's fine.
That's good. Please get in.
Thank you.

 I pulled Miss Katerina into the back of the truck. Lucy ran up to her and wagged her tail. Katerina's face broke into a smile.

"She's cute.
"I bet she is!

 Deanna's mom said proudly. I'm sure she's cute, but it seems like Deanna's parental stupidity is getting more and more polished. ....... I'm not sure what to say.
 Sarmyas sighs like she's done. I know the feeling.

"Oh, just keep going that way, please.

 After mooching off Lucy for a while, Katerina points her finger at Rike and tells him where to go.

"Are you sure?

 Rike moved the carriage in the direction she was instructed.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work.

 Katerina said without hesitation. The aristocrats are treated differently, of course. I feel a little bad for the others that we're taking part in this, but I'll be grateful to use the power of my connections.

 At the gate, Katerina pulls out something from her pocket and shows it to the guards. It's probably some kind of pass for the House of Amur. The guard glanced at it, saluted, and let us pass.
 After passing through the gate, the main street widened and there were various people. I've seen this scene a few times, but there's something exciting about it.

 I thought about my plans for the day as I did so.