247 one's old man's shop

 First we need to eat. We walked through the inner city to a place. The area where the nobles live around here is not so crowded yet.
 Deanna said that she knew the outer streets well, and when I asked her where Sandro's father's store was, she seemed to have an idea, so I asked her to guide us there.
 The reason why he knows the outer city seems to be a secret, but since Mr. Bowman was smiling, he probably went there with his brothers.

 I followed Deanna without hesitation, and soon we came to a gate. This is the gate that separates the outer city from the inner city, but if something happens, this gate will be sealed off as well (and the outer gate will be closed as well, of course) to create an obstacle.
 Therefore, the buildings near the gate are built higher than the other buildings, and they serve as guard posts.
 When I looked up, I could see soldiers on top of the building who seemed to be on guard.

 Deanna shows the guard a card, and I walk past him as he salutes me. When she returns, she shows it again.
 In case of theft, if you return too late, someone from the Amur family will come to pick you up here. But I don't want you to have to go through that trouble if at all possible.

 Once you go out into the city, the noise increases. I've been to the city many times, and I've just walked through it, so I'm not uncomfortable with the noise itself.
 However, there are races that you don't see in the city, and the number of people is much larger. If you don't like crowds, you might get sick.

 Deanna leads the way. However, if we go through the crowded streets, the other three of us might get separated from Diana, Helen, and myself (from the previous world).
 Just as I was about to call out to her, Deanna slowed down her walk. Apparently, she thought the same thing.

"Don't get separated.

 I called out to Samija, Rike and Liddy. We all close the distance.
 There was only one man, an old man, among the women, and there were three humans, three other races, and one elf.
 However, perhaps the elves are too unusual, or perhaps Helen has been keeping an eye on the surroundings, but so far no one has been messing with us in any strange way.
 If they do, I'll have to show them how sharp my knife is, so I'd rather they didn't try.

 While keeping a watchful eye on my surroundings, I managed to arrive at my master's store without any trouble.
 On the signboard that read "Golden Tusk Boar Pavilion," there was a relief of a boar with its tusks inlaid with gold or brass.
 It looks a little different from the boars in the Kuro Forest, so it might be a different species.
 We went in through the open entrance, which was probably also lit by light.

 It was still a little early for lunch, but there were quite a few customers. It seems that the owner was not lying when he said the restaurant was popular.


 A young female waitress greeted us as we entered the restaurant.

There's a table over there for you.
Oh, thank you.

 We went to the table indicated by the waitress, who was dressed in a modest jacket, skirt, and apron.

Now, what should we eat? What are the specialties of the capital?
"Well, the best thing in downtown is lamb stew.
Oh, yeah. That sounds good.

 I think it would be good if you order some bread with it, even if it's hard, or something with vegetables.
 I'll leave that to you. As I was about to place my order, I heard a familiar voice.

"Huh? Isn't that Eizo's husband?
Oh, it's Boris. How are you?
Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing but getting yelled at by your father.

 Boris and I have a good laugh about it.

Yeah, that's my family sitting here.

 Boris whistles as I introduce all the family members sitting there.

"Well, ...... you're a popular guy, aren't you?
Just so you know, I'm not your wife.
"Hey. I'll go get your father. Hey, I'll get your husband.

 Boris said in a tone of total disbelief and retreated to the back. Just as I thought he was going to, a loud voice came out of the room.

What? What?

 You're still the same, dude. I let out an involuntary laugh.
 With footsteps that made me feel like the floor was shaking, a short but sturdy middle-aged man came in.
 He was the owner of this store, Sandro's father.

"A dwarf?

 It's not surprising that Rikke couldn't help but say that, but the man is human from head to toe. ...... It should be, but we can't deny the possibility that he has some dwarven blood in his distant ancestors, and that the traits are inherited from another generation.

"Hello, old man. I just dropped by on my way to the capital.
"Why, we're on our way?

 "Just kidding.

"Just kidding, you're coming to the capital, this is one of your destinations. I told you, I'm coming.
"Oh, thanks a lot!

 "I told you, I'm coming here.

So, these are your kaka?
"They're family, yes, but not my wife. I told you that before.
Didn't I? What a bunch of babes! I didn't think you'd be able to keep them in the corner like this!

 I felt my family's eyes grow cold. I could feel my family's gaze growing cold, so I changed the subject.

"Well, now that we're here, if you have any suggestions, please make some.
Oh! I'm on it!

 He made a hump and retreated into the kitchen, incredibly excited to be a chef.