248 one's master's cooking

 After that, he was very aggressive with the food.
 If we didn't stop him, he would keep on bringing more and more food.

 He served us lamb stew, grilled beef with sweet and spicy seasoning, hot vegetable salad with boiled vegetables in a slightly sour sauce, grilled pork with a curry-like flavor, grilled chicken with herbs, etc., with hard rye bread and vegetable soup. It was served with hard rye bread and some kind of vegetable soup.
 It was a gorgeous lineup for a "town diner". Everything is delicious. The chef must have put a lot of effort into this.
 But the portions were too much. Thank goodness for the presence of Lique and Helen. They eat a lot more than most women. Both of them are so thin that I wondered where all the food had gone.

Wild boar and deer are good, but so are cows, sheep and chickens.
Do you keep them?
No, because that's where my house is. ......

 I can't imagine raising cows and sheep in that forest. There is plenty of grass to feed them, but there is not enough land to graze cattle or sheep. If you move them to the street every day, you will be fine, but you will have to give up your job as a blacksmith if you take the trouble. That would be a total loss.
 As for the chickens, if you build a chicken coop, you may be able to keep chickens, and then you can get eggs from both male and female chickens, which is attractive.
 However, the management of the chickens is not so easy, and if they just wander out from around the house, they will become a feast for the wolves, so it is not very realistic.

I didn't know there were such skilled cooks in the city. I'm sure you know a lot.

 Deanna said admiringly. If it was on the lips of an aristocratic young lady, it must be very good. No wonder it was a thriving restaurant.
 In fact, people from the neighboring stores and travelers were constantly coming to the restaurant and enjoying the food. But....

"I met Marius when I served in his expedition, so it's not me you knew, it's Marius.

 Deanna replied with a surprised look on her face. Yes, it was your brother who knew. Not me. The only people I knew in the capital before I joined the army were the Amur family and the Marquis.

You didn't run away from home and come here and like it, did you?
That's possible, brother. ......

 That's possible? Is that what you want, Mr. Amour? I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who'd like to know more about this.

 Eventually, the restaurant became crowded. We had eaten a lot of food and were taking a break, so we called the waiter to pay the bill.

My dad said we didn't have to pay.

 That's what the first female waiter who greeted us said. This girl is your father's daughter, isn't she?

What? No, but...

 But," she said, "it's not like you can eat all that food for free. It's hard for me to burden you with this kind of thing.

Just because it's a "thank you" for cleaning the knife. If you try to pay me anything, I'll work with Boris to kick you out without getting paid.

 He's completely anticipating us. Before I knew it, Boris had come out behind his daughter and was showing off his hump as much as the old man.
 It's hard to tell because of his clothes, but maybe his daughter has some strength in her arms.
 Nevertheless, we have a cheat, one of the strongest mercenaries in the region, a talented swordsman and a beastman who were trained by the two of them.
 It's obvious that we'll win in a fight, but we'll both get hurt. It's not that I want to fight with you and refuse your favor in the first place.

"...... I understand. Then I'll have a meal with you. Hey! Thank you!

 I said loudly to the kitchen, and it was as loud as a lightning strike.

"Hey! Come again! Come back or I'll blow you away!

 If you don't come, I won't be able to kick your ass. If you don't come, I won't be able to kick your ass, but it was so typical of him that I couldn't help but smile.