253 a street tour

 The six of us go through the crowded streets again.
 I'm wary of the possibility of another incident like the one before, but Deanna tells me that she doesn't hear about such things very often (regardless of how much criminal activity in the streets reaches the ears of the nobleman's daughter), and once they know that the previous group failed, the others will refrain from doing anything. That makes things a little easier.

 I finished my business earlier than I expected. It's still too early to go home, but I wonder if I should go back to Amur's mansion as soon as possible, or if I should take a look around the city.
 I'm moving to go back to Amur's residence, but now that I'm in the capital, I might as well check out the other stores.


 As I was wondering what to do, Diana approached me. She's been in high spirits since she came to the capital. It would be good to come here once a month or so. Although there is the problem of whether or not she should be taken care of at the Amur residence each time.

It's not something to think about. I was just wondering if I should check out the other stores or not.
"I see. That's good, isn't it?

 I've left Krull and Lucy at the Amour residence, and I think there's an option to return. The city has very little magic, so I'm worried about Krull's stomach. She takes magic power instead of food.
 In other words, if you are in a place with low magic power, you need to make up for it with food. If she stays in a place with low magic power for too long, she will get hungrier and hungrier.
 But for the time being, I've gotten permission from Diana (my mom). The rest is at .......

I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. Do you have any headaches?
Yes. I'm fine for about this long.

 Liddy smiled. As an elf, she also needs a regular supply of magic power, but she can endure without it for a few days. I didn't ask her if she gets hungry like Krull because I'm afraid.
 The reason why elves need magic is "because that's the way it is", but it is said that the reason why elves live so long is due to the intake of magic. I guess they use magic to suppress cellular aging or something like that.
 Even though I'm fine for a few days, if I had a headache or my health was affected, I would have left immediately, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
 So, if no one else has any objections, I'll go check out the stalls.

Is everyone else okay? We've already served our purpose, so if you're drunk or something, let's go home.
I'm fine.
I'm fine, too.
I'm fine.

 Everyone seems to be okay. Let's go around.

Let's have a look at the stalls. If there's anything you want, just let me know.

 Each of us replied to my words with an understanding voice, and we turned our feet toward the many stalls.

 A lot of stalls means a lot of people, of course. That meant we had to be on our guard, but so far there was no one suspicious.
 There are also many rare species such as giants and lizardmen. However, the most unusual one is Liddy the Elf.
 So I went around looking at the various stalls, attracting a certain amount of attention.
 There were fewer food stalls than I expected. I bought some sweet bread at a stall, and asked about it.

I asked him about it, and he said, "There are few stalls selling hot food in the capital, because it's too hard to prepare a stove.

 I asked him about it. Speaking of which, this stall was already baking food. When the bakery's stove is open in the morning, they borrow it to bake and bring the food.
 When I refrained from giving him change as a kind of information fee, he smilingly told me many things. Since Deanna doesn't know about this kind of information, you have to gather it directly.

 As I walked through the crowd, occasionally breaking out into a cold sweat at the stares that pierced me, I wondered if I looked like a man with a woman on his arm, and found an unusual stall dealing in paper.
 The owner of the stall and a short woman were talking to each other.

"Can't you get a lower price?
I'm trying to make it cheaper, but it's just barely enough.

 The woman wants paper, but it seems to be a little expensive. The woman wants paper, but it seems a little expensive. It would be difficult to bargain for it.

I'll get it then.

 I interrupted her from behind. The woman looks back at me, startled, and then becomes even more startled.

"Mr. Eizo!
Hello, it's been a while. Frederica-san.