254 misunderstanding

Why are you here, Mr. Eizo?
I'm just out shopping with my family. I have something I want to make, and I thought it might be helpful.

 Fredrika's face is still surprised. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

"Eizo is hooking up with another girl: ......

 You've got a big misunderstanding. There's a big misunderstanding.

I'm sure you've heard of her. You know Liddy, right?

 Liddy nodded quietly at my words. Thank God there's a witness.

"You were patting her head, right?

 Liddy's words lowered the temperature of the room. So this isn't helping, is it? Aside from Rike and Samija, Deanna and Helen's gazes pierced my cheeks and I felt like I was about to have a hole in them.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.

 I speak honestly, albeit sluggishly. But I really didn't mean anything by it.
 As I panicked, Liddy chuckled.

I know, I know. I'm just teasing you.
"Oh, yeah, .......

 I'm relieved. I was relieved. The piercing stare at me was gone for the moment.
 The misunderstanding seemed to have been cleared up for the time being (or so I decided to believe), and Fredrika seemed to be somewhat puzzled.

"What's the matter?
No, I was just thinking how beautiful your wives are, as Count Amour would say.

 Marius, after Camilo. I don't know if I should be talking about this when I have my own sister in my care. Well, I'm sure he's trying not to get into trouble, but...

"We're not married. We're a family.
Is that so?
Yeah. I have no intention of marrying anyone.

 I had just cleared up the family's misunderstanding of Frederica, and now it was my turn to clear up Frederica's misunderstanding of the family.
 But my words made some of my family members pout.
 I sighed and added one more thing. It's not fair of me, I know.

"...... for now.

 The air in the room relaxed. The chill in the air, as if I had just stepped into a sword fight, was gone.

"I see.
"Oh, excuse me, sir, I'll take that paper.

 I apologized to the stall owner, who was staring blankly at what had just happened in front of him, and took out a silver coin from my pocket and handed it to him. It's best to pay for these things as soon as possible.
 As expected, Fredrika said something like, "Oh, no, I'm sorry," but neither I nor the shopkeeper paid any attention to it. The reason I didn't haggle with her was that I wanted to pay for the inconvenience of occupying the front of the store.

I said, "Here you go. We don't use paper in our shop.
"Thank you for the .......

 She accepted the paper, somewhat reluctantly, since we don't use it and she had bought it. She tucked it gently into the backpack she was carrying.

It's a squirrel: ......

 Samija murmured in a voice we could barely hear.
 I know. I nodded loudly in my mind. It looks like a squirrel storing nuts in its den.
 And the cute guys in my house are all gleaming at the sight of it. Maybe they'll ask me to come over.

Are you off work today, Frederica-san?
"No, I'm just taking a break. I'm taking a long break because I'm not so busy today.

 I'm taking a long break. I wonder if they have some kind of quota that they don't complain about if you meet it.
 So the six of us plus Frederica-san, seven of us, wandered around the stalls. There are some stores that sell craft-like items, but the designs are much simpler than those of the store we just visited.
 There was also a store selling knives. Well, you can guess the quality.
 However, the prices were kept low. I wish I could separate myself from these shops. I'm good at this because I'm a cheat.

 I left Fredrika, who was going back to work after a while of chilling out in the stalls. I have a feeling I'll meet her again somewhere.

Thank you for the paper.
"No, no, no. I hope we can meet again some other time.

 The whole family waved goodbye to Frederica, who bowed to us. Well, I guess we'd better get ready to go home.