257 the joys of the future

"I used to live in the forest with all the elves. But when he got older, he was told to go to a different home, so he went to Uncle Camilo's. I was hungry and it was hard.
 Uncle Camilo was very kind to me, but I was tied up for a long time and I wondered what would happen to me. I wondered if it would be like this forever, and I didn't like it.

 And then my new mom and dad came. My dad's name is Eizo. My mom's name is Diana. My mom and dad are human, but they're really nice to me. That's why I love them so much.
 I also like ...... people. And then there's Samija, the dwarf Rike, and Liddy, the elf. I like them because they're kind too.

 My favorite thing to do is to pull rattles. Sometimes I like to go to Uncle Camilo's with my friends.
 When we go to Uncle Camilo's, Daddy praises us for our hard work, which makes me very happy. Mommy also pets me a lot.
 They also made a house for us together.

 Helen came after me. Helen strokes me a lot when I'm not around.
 My dad says she's a very strong girl, but I wonder if that's true. When she pets you, she has a kind face and smiles, right?

 And then, oh my God, oh my God! I've got a sister too! She's a little wolf and her name is Lucy.
 Lucy's so small that I have to keep an eye on her when she's outside. But Lucy's a good girl too, so she listens to me when I tell her not to.
 We sleep together at night. When I tell her that she can sleep with me at home, she says, "I'll sleep with you! So I sleep with her. Hehehe.

 But my favorite thing to do is to go with my dad to get water in the morning. We go to the water ...... with a bottle of water. We go there. My dad cleans me there, so I feel good and I can carry my stuff with him.

 That's why I love it the most!