258 From the next day on, as usual,

 On the day we went on a day trip to the capital and found out that Lucy had become a demon, we came back completely exhausted and after a quick dinner, we all went to bed, including Krull and Lucy.

 The next day went as usual. I woke up in the morning and went to the lake to clean myself up with Krull and Lucy.
 Krull seemed to be feeling better than usual as he washed off the dust and dirt from the long distance he had traveled yesterday.
 As usual, Lucy shakes her body and sprays water all over the place.

 After Krull and I filled up the water bottle and went back to the house, I prepared breakfast while everyone else started preparing for the morning.
 Since they are all women, it takes them longer than me to prepare breakfast, even though we are not going out today. In the meantime, I'm making soup and baking unfermented bread.

 Speaking of which, the owner has been cooking one dish after another. This is the difference between him and the professionals.
 This may be the difference between him and the professionals, but there is an overwhelming difference in power. This is the limit of my production of cheats, which is only a little better than those, no matter how much I say they are cheats.

 But on the other hand, I'm good enough to compete with those guys, and that certainly brings me a lot of joy in my daily life.
 If it helps my family of six to get along, that's the best. I have no intention of making money with this cheat.

 After the preparations and breakfast, the blacksmithing begins. Once the fire is lit and the furnace is prepared, we split up and begin our work.
 The quota this time was fifty hoes, and the daily goal was ten, and since we had managed to make eleven last time, we figured we could do it again today. Even if we make the remaining 30 hoes, we should be able to finish them in three days. That should be enough time for the delivery. The problem is after that.
 No, it's not that we can't meet our quota. The rainy season is coming. If I can't go outside during the rainy season, I can't go to the wholesaler.
 Since I have a lot of weapons at Camilo's, depending on their stock, I would like to have the next delivery in a couple of weeks, and spend the time preparing for the rainy season and making accessories for our family.

 This will only be possible after we have completed this delivery. The sound of the family's hammering echoed in the forge.

 For the next four days, I went about my daily routine, aided by the occasional work songs sung by Rike and Helen (Helen was a good singer).
 The result was 56 hoes. This was more than they had planned. Camilo would not complain about this.

 On the evening of the last day of the hoe production, we had a small toast to celebrate the achievement of the quota.
 At that table, we discussed our future plans.

I think it's better if I don't answer. "I think it's better for me not to go out. Beastmen don't leave their roosts this time of year either.
"I guess so.

 Samija and Diana have no objection to staying in the roost.

Then we can build a sheltered terrace or something.
Then we'll have to hunt for meat.

 Helen said that she was new to the forest and didn't know much about it, so she would leave it to the others.

So, basically, stay in the house, hunt early, and do what you can inside the house.

 I think Krull is probably the biggest problem, but I'm sure he'll understand if I take him to fetch water. She's a smart girl.

I'll see you tomorrow.

 With my words, the day came to an end. The next day, I went to Camilo's place to deliver. I rested my body in preparation for another day of work.