259 To be delivered

 The next morning, after completing our first morning routine, we split up and carried the large amount of hoe we had made into the cart.
 Krull's tension seemed to be rising slightly as he watched us.
 Krull is very excited to pull the cart if it is heavy or far away. It is my usual practice to praise him for his efforts when he arrives.

 When we had finished loading the cart with over 50 hoes, we tied Krull to the cart and got in together.
 When Deanna tried to carry Lucy in her arms, Lucy bent down. Her head is staring at the back of the truck.
 I wonder if she is trying hard to get on by herself. She looks a little like a cat.
 Lucy bends down and jumps up with her whole body. Oh, this is...

 I thought, but I couldn't get another inch or so. Lucy landed on the ground and ran to Deanna as if nothing had happened, saying, "Mommy, hold me.
 Well, sooner or later she'll be able to climb up.
 With a twinkle in her eye, Deanna carried Lucy to the back of the truck. I'm carrying her, so my shoulder is safe.

 The Kuro Forest is filled with damp, dark air, as if to remind us that the rainy season is approaching.
 If I had been sent here at this time of year, my impression of this forest would have been different. I might have had some sense of what everyone was saying about it being horrible.
 Samija's nose is twitching. When I asked her about it, she said, "It's hard for me to use my nose when it's humid. It could be that the humidity makes it difficult for the odor components to spread, or that the phytoncides from the trees interfere.
 When the cermia are like this, the efficiency of surveillance is slightly reduced. However, Helen is also here, so I don't think it will happen too often.

 As we proceeded with caution, we caught a glimpse of the deer in the distance through the trees. If you can see it at this distance, it must be quite a big one.
 Whether she can see it or not, Lucy is looking in your direction and wagging her tail.
 She only wags her tail and does not bark, perhaps because she instinctively understands that barking is meaningless. If so, he is quite a good boy, and when I stroked his head, the speed of his tail increased.

He's hoarding. ......

 Samija murmured, looking at the little tree deer she could see.

"Is that so?
"Yeah. I'll have to kill at least one of them by the end of the week. They'll all stay indoors and never come out.

 Do deer stay in when it rains? Even if they have fur, they'll lose their strength. So bears and wolves must not wander around during that time.
 On the contrary, you are more likely to run into them this time of year.

I'll leave the hunting to you, since you'll need it, but be careful of the bears.
Of course.

 Samija replied proudly. Bears are the biggest threat you're likely to encounter living in this forest. Samija was once in danger from one, you know.
 I glanced at Deanna, Liddy, and Helen, and they nodded. I'm sure my family will be fine.

 We made our way through the forest and along the road without encountering anything dangerous. We were almost at the city, but there was a cloud hanging over us.
 It doesn't look like it's about to rain, but it's not sunny either. If anything bad is going to happen, it's going to happen now! If anything bad is going to happen, it's going to happen now!

This weather makes it look like the whole city is involved in a conspiracy.

 I said with a laugh as the city came into view. When the city came into view, I laughed and said, "If thunder and lightning were to rumble, the suspense would be palpable.

It's a nasty day.

 Says Deanna, who comes from a noble family and must have seen some serious situations like that. Rikke and Liddy chuckled, but Samija and Helen were stunned.
 I guess they haven't read much of that stuff. I'll ask Camilo to do it next time. .......

 Going down the street as usual. The elf Liddy, who has become conspicuous in the city, is not so conspicuous in this city.
 In fact, Lucy, who is now gazing out from the back of the truck, is the center of attention.
 Today, I saw a cool guy, a street vendor, who always looks at me with a scowl on his face, secretly waving at Lucy so that people would not notice. Cuteness is justice, and there is no sin in liking cute things.

 Thus, Lucy went to Camilo's store by herself, waving her charm to the street.