260 the state of the empire

 When they arrived at Camilo's store and put the cart in storage, everyone got out and removed Krull from the cart. At that time, Lucy jumped off the cart by herself.
 It's a bit high (definitely too high for her to jump on), but she seems to have gotten off without any major problems.
 Deanna, who was trying to carry her down, has a subtle expression of sadness and happiness on her face. She's a demon, so she's probably growing up fast.

 Krull and Lucy are staying at home in the backyard as usual. I've asked a young boy to take care of them. Lucy's tail is wagging again today, and she's looking forward to being played with.
 Krull, on the other hand, lay down in the shade of a tree and began to watch over Lucy. She seems to have become a big sister.
 It was heartwarming to see her like this as we headed for the business meeting room.

 As soon as we entered the room, Camilo appeared almost immediately. He must be a busy man, but he's very diligent.

How are you doing?
Fine. We've finally found a sales channel in the Republic.
Oh, well, congratulations.

 Camilo rubbed his mustache, perhaps embarrassed. It's great that you've been able to expand your business.

So I'm going to need you to keep up the good work, okay?

 Camilo asks me, looking at me with a rather sullen expression on his face.

Camilo asks me with a rather sullen look on his face, "If you're okay with the same amount of work as before, I'm happy to do it. I'd be more than grateful.

 No matter how good our products are, there is a limit to how much we can sell. In an extreme case, if every household in the kingdom has one of our knives, we can't sell any more of them in the kingdom.
 This is unlikely to happen in reality, but even so, sales will continue to decline. It's a consumable item, but it's not something that will go bad in a month or so.
 In that case, you need to secure new customers. The empire ...... will be busy for a while, so if you want to expand your sales channels, it is inevitable that you will go to the republic that borders the kingdom.
 I smiled and Camilo replied.

I smiled back, and Camilo smiled too.

 Camilo laughed.

Only a hoe today, right?
"Yeah. Yeah. I brought 50 hoes and a few other things.
That's good.

 This is the story of today's delivery. When Camilo hears my words, he looks at the foreman. The foreman nods and leaves the room. He went to check the quantity and quality.
 We're confident in both the number and quality of our products - they were made using cheats, so they should be better quality than most hoes - so we're not particularly worried.

Speaking of which, the Empire...

 Camilo began to talk as if it were a coincidence. Helen was sitting next to me today, and I could feel her body tense up a little. I gently placed my hand on hers under the desk.

"It seems that the situation is proceeding largely as the Count has described.
The rebellion has been crushed, the Emperor has changed his politics, and peace is returning?
Yes. The rebellion has been put down, the emperor has changed his politics, and peace is returning?

 Camilo nodded at my words. It's a neighboring country, and although we've infiltrated it on a mission, we're not strangers to it. It's a good thing that peace has come relatively quickly there. Of course, there are many sacrifices in the background. .......

It was just a while ago. ......

 Not much time has passed since then. If the story were to be cleared up so quickly, it would be revealed everywhere that the rebellion was nothing but a farce from the Imperial side. We need to minimize the damage and take a reasonable amount of time to rebuild.
 From my point of view, the emperor was the same person, but I felt a little pity for the emperor who had to do it.

So, I think Helen will be okay once the peace returns. I don't think she'll be able to hold on to the fire after the peace has been restored, and not many people will want to go back to the rough state after Helen testifies. Most of the people who want to do that are gone now.
It was originally a pose for the emperor's subjects, wasn't it?
Well, yeah. It's just that it's unnatural to leave it unnoticed. I'm sure the order will be rescinded when the time comes.

 Helen showed a relieved expression. Helen looked relieved. Deanna and Rique said, "That's good.
 If the order is rescinded, will Helen go back to being a mercenary? That's fine. She already has a home to go back to.

Well, it's almost rainy season, right? I won't be delivering for a couple of weeks, is that okay? I'll come at least once if it's a problem.
Oh, I see. It's that time of year already. ....... No, I'm fine. I've got plenty of other stuff to sell.

 You don't seem to have any problem with my declaration of seclusion for a while. Well, it's not like you're only dealing with our products.
 Just then, the watchman who had gone to check came back. He looked at Camilo and nodded. I'm relieved even though I know he'll be fine.

You've come to the right place. Make sure you give him more than usual today. Make sure he gets his money's worth.

 When Kamilo said this with a laugh, the guardian seemed to understand and said, "I understand," and left the room again.
 Even though we have a stockpile, we still need supplies for the three weeks we'll be holed up.

 After that, we talked about the Empire again. People who escaped from the empire are returning to the empire (apparently there is no blame because of the situation), and on the other hand, there are people who come from the empire to do normal business.
 I didn't see any giants today, but I've heard that they're common in the Empire. Some of them may be coming to the Kingdom from the Empire, and they may be targeting Helen, so we need to be careful.

 Eventually, the guard came back, we got our money, and started to get ready to leave.