261 before it rains

So we're good to go, right?
Yeah. Just do what you always do.

 I'll make sure of that when I leave the room. Camilo nodded and assured me that I was right.

I'll see you in three weeks.

 Camilo and I shook hands and parted.

 I went to the backyard and found the boy playing with Lucy. We gave him permission before, so he didn't seem to be in a hurry to see us.
 I hope Lucy will be able to play with us like this when she gets older, but she's a wolf before she's a demon. ...... She's going to be pretty big. .......

Thank you for always taking care of my child.
No, no, no.

 I'm going to give the boy some money for taking care of Lucy and Krull.
 This exchange is also becoming a regular occurrence. I wonder if it will be passed on to his successor when he becomes a big man. I hope we can remain good business partners until that time.

 I tied Krull to the cart and left Camilo's store. Heavy clouds are hovering over the city, and the usually bustling boulevard looks a little gloomy today.

I wonder if we'll get a shower.

 I said as I looked up at the sky, and Samija looked up at the sky as I did, and sniffed. Lucy sees this and imitates me, and my shoulder HP is slightly reduced.

It's not going to rain hard, but it might.
So let's hurry when we get out of town.

 According to Samija, it would rain lightly. Rique hears this and hastens Krull's pace just a little.
 We're not prepared for rain, so it might be a bit tricky if it rains. The rainy season is coming and we've been remiss.

 We hurried out of the city, going faster than usual along the streets. Krull squealed happily and took off running, so we might be able to go at this speed in the future if there are no problems.
 On the way, we passed a carriage that was in the same hurry as us. They were surprised at our speed, but like the others, when they saw that we were driving a running dragon, they seemed to be satisfied with our speed, which was a little amusing to watch.
 I'm sure my Krull is excellent, though.

"Speaking of which, I wonder why we have a rainy season.
Oh, that's right.

 My question was answered by Liddy.
 In addition to the sun and moon goddesses, there are also earth and cloud goddesses in this world, although I don't know if they exist or not. The family of the Sun Goddess seems to be polygamous, and the Sun Goddess and the Earth Goddess are married.
 The sun is a mass of blessings from the sun god, but the blessings also fall on the earth goddess as well as the "children of men". With the power of the happy earth goddess, crops and plants will grow.
 The reason why crops grow differently in the four seasons, and why many things are difficult to grow in winter, is because it depends on the amount of blessing.

 And the cloud goddess sometimes covers the sky to interfere with the earth goddess who is always blessed. She is also married to the Sun Goddess.
 And the rain is the tears that I shed to ask why she does not bless me. Normally, the clouds are white because she is a goddess with a pure heart, but as her emotions become more and more stagnant, the clouds turn black.
 Usually, she just does this from time to time, but once a year, there is a time when she releases all of her emotions. And that time is the rainy season. There is no difference between men and women in crying, but it seems to be the same in different worlds. Just as "lightning strikes" is both an actual phenomenon and an idiom, and has the same meaning in both worlds.
 And the cloud goddess, refreshed after crying, feels like blessing the human child by removing the clouds. In this way, the power of the cloud goddess will help the crops to grow.
 In reality, we cannot grow crops without rain, and we should be grateful for this phenomenon, but when I hear it like that, rain clouds look even more gloomy.

 In any case, the gods of this world seem to be emotional and human-like, but I have the impression that some of the gods in the Greek mythology of the previous world were strangely human-like, so I wonder if that's the case.
 It would be boring if I got hit for mentioning this, so I decided to keep it to myself.

 As I entered the forest, I felt a few drops of water on my face. It seemed that it had finally started to rain.
 However, it was really just a light rain, and as I continued into the forest, the trees formed a natural arcade, so it didn't hit me as much.

It's a little better, but it's going to start piling up sooner or later, so let's get the hell out of here.

 Rike nodded at Samija's words, and Krull squealed and hurried the last of the way home.