262 preparation for the rainy season

 I walked through the natural arcade to my house. There were no trees around the house, so it was drizzling.
 I hurriedly took the Krull off the cart and carried it in so that my luggage would not get wet.
 Even so, it was still damp to a certain extent (we had put some seasonings and spices in jars and covered them with lids, so they were fine), but they would be dry by the time we used them.

 Our bodies are wet, but we'll get Krull and Lucy into the cabin first. In the meantime, Deanna brought towels from home, and we all wiped them down. We wiped them down.

"Don't go out too much until the rain stops.

 I called out to them and they responded cheerfully as if they understood. Krull licked my face and Lucy wagged her tail.
"When we're done with the kids, we're on our own. Back in the house, I went to my room, undressed and wiped myself down.

 It would have been nice to have a bath at this time to warm myself up, but we didn't have one yet, so I decided to make a cup of mint tea.

I wondered if I should build a rainwater collection system.

 I said as I drank the mint tea. It may not be potable water (we boil the water in the lake before drinking it), but it can be used for domestic purposes, and since it's not a big facility, I think it's a good idea to build one.

"It looks like it can be used for a lot of things, but won't it go bad if it's left in there too long?

 It was Liddy who answered. Liddy answered, "No, because it seems to be related to farming.

I'm not going to use it for drinking water, but wouldn't it be better if it went bad?

 I said, and Liddy nodded.

I'm not going to use it for drinking, but I don't want it to rot.

 I see, it's not good if pathogens grow in the tank and accidentally enter the body. It's rainwater without any sterilization. .......

So, it's better to make the tank big enough to be used in a few days, and still be able to drain.

 Liddy nodded again. You can't store more water than you can use, so it's best to keep it at a size that will reduce the number of times you have to fetch water.

Now we need to build a covered terrace.
The house is going to be a wonder to behold in the woods.

 Next, Diana mixes it up. It's a strange house to be in the middle of the woods, but it's going to be even stranger with the terrace.

It would be inconvenient not to make one, considering the laundry.
Wouldn't it dry in the forge?

 Now Rike. The room temperature in the forge is high because of the fire, and it's dry. It may be because of this that meat dries faster .......

It's also a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 It's also possible that the fat in the meat will ignite, but you'll notice it before it does because it's sizzling. I don't think the fabric of clothes would suddenly catch fire either, but I think the ease of catching fire would be much different from raw meat.
 Besides, meat can be fetched again, but clothes are quite valuable. Cloth itself is not as plentiful as it was in the previous world.

"In the worst case scenario, wouldn't it be tough to go more than a month without a change of clothes or underwear?

 Even if I'm a person who doesn't care about such things, it's hard. When I said that.

"Well, yeah, .......
Changing is one thing, but underwear is another. ......

 Deanna and Helen agreed. Helen is a mercenary, so there are times when she can't change her clothes, so she can endure for a little while, but when it comes to a long period of time, even Helen seems to have a hard time.

Hmm, I'm not so sure about that either.

 Samija was also not too bothered about it because of her lifestyle, but in the past few months, especially since she came to live with Rike and Diana, she seems to have woken up to the comfort of it.
 It's like when you find the comfort of a toilet with a shower, you can't go back.

The terrace is the first priority, followed by the rainwater tank.

 Before dinner, I decide on my schedule for tomorrow. It's going to be busy, but I can't help but feel excited at the thought of having a home again.
 I'm looking forward to tomorrow.