263 Terrace construction started

 The next day, after completing our morning routine and getting ready, we gathered at the lumberyard. Krull and Lucy don't know exactly what we're going to do, but they're gathering there in a casual way.

The first thing we need to do is to choose the ones we want for the posts.
"It rained yesterday.

 I nodded my head. I nodded to Rike's words, "We can't put up a wet one as a pillar. With the way it rained yesterday, it's probably not that wet, but just in case.
 Fortunately, the trees in this forest are basically straight. But it's a pillar for the terrace, and it's okay if it's a little crooked, as long as it's dry and has a certain length.

This one looks good.
How about this one?
Yeah, I think that's good, too.

 So we all split up to look for lumber for the pillars, and we got eight of them.

That's all we need.
Where are you going to build the terrace?
Yeah, .......

 I pondered Samija's question. There is a field in the courtyard. There's a field in the courtyard. Thanks to Liddy, it's quite a big one, and I don't want to put it there.

"Maybe down the hall. You still have some land over there.
"There is, but it's .......

 Deanna clammed up in the middle of her sentence. I urged her on.

"But what?
What happens when you need more room?
"That's not going to happen.

 I replied, and everyone, including Deanna, looked at me with fierce eyes. I didn't have to tell her what I was going to say.

...... If the time ever comes, we can make a right-angle corridor. If it comes to that, we can make a corridor at right angles.

 They all sighed, but seemed to agree, and got to work.

 First, me, Rike, Deanna and Helen dug a hole to build a pillar. The other two were to strip the bark off the trees that would become the pillars.
 The hole diggers worked with shovels and the bark peelers with sickles. With the exception of Helen, most of the work was done in the morning, probably because they had done it several times before.
 In the afternoon, we built the pillars in the holes. This is where Krull plays an important role.

"All right, then, Krull.

 Krull tied the end of the rope to the post and began to pull with all his might. Lucy was running around and woofing as if to say, "Good luck, big sister.
 Even though it was on wheels, Krull was strong enough to pull all of us plus a lot of luggage, and once the pillar started moving, it moved smoothly to the installation site.

"Alright, stop!

 Krull stopped as my voice said. From here on, we had to move the pillar to the edge of the hole manually. We were strong enough to do it on our own, but with Helen joining us, we were able to move it more smoothly.
 From there, it was again Krull's job to drop it into the hole. He moved it slowly, slowly, and when the edge fell, he set it up.
 In the past, this was also done by hand, but since Krull's arrival, it has become much easier. In no time at all, the pillar was up and the surrounding area was filled in. Lucy helped me with the filling with her hind legs.
 It wasn't much help in terms of the amount of soil we had to put on, but that's the spirit of the thing. Thank you," I said, patting both Krull and Lucy.

 There are eight pillars, so the same process is repeated eight times.

The same process is repeated eight times. "Even with just the pillars standing, you can kind of see the shape. ......

 It's a scene I've seen many times (and missed once), but I'm always impressed by this kind of work.
 That's all for today. Tomorrow I'll check the condition of the soil in which the pillars were buried, and if it's loose, I'll re-firm it, and then work on the floor and roof.
 So we talked about what to do about it now.

 The sun was turning orange in the sky. I felt as if I were seeing a family relaxing on the terrace, with eight pillars built in the middle of it.