264 Terrace completed

 The next day was spent putting up the braces, joists, ridge and rafters on the posts.
 When I checked the condition of the pillars, I found that they were quite solid and did not wobble. The soil was hard to begin with, and it must have been hardened when the pillars were put into the holes.
 In the meantime, I pounded the area around the pillar again with a suitable log from above. The purpose of this was to remove as much air as possible so that corrosion would be less likely to occur. It's not going to be like hamburger seeds, but it's a consolation.
 Since this is a terrace and there will be no wall panels, the braces will be placed only at the base of the pillars. It will be fragile in the event of an earthquake, but I decided to ignore that because it is a terrace.
 To begin with, I heard that there haven't been any earthquakes that big for several hundred years. But then there were a few big earthquakes, which I experienced in the previous world. When it happens, it happens.

 I decided to leave it to Samija and Helen to make the joists and boards. We were to assemble them.

"This is a big saw that Eizo really made, it'll cut like crazy.
"Wow, ......, that's true. Wow, .
"It's so sharp, you'll laugh. That happened to me the first time.

 It seems that my evaluation of the product is somewhat strange, but that's okay as long as it's fun to work with.
 We all worked together, trying to find something usable from the remaining boards.
 Rikke and Diana are surprisingly light-weight (apparently they are good at climbing trees). Rikke and Deanna, who were surprisingly light, worked on the roof, while Liddy and I worked on the floor. It's usually hard to pull up lumber, but thanks to Krull, it's much smoother.

Just be careful not to fall.
"Yes, sir.

 There are scaffolds, but they are only simple ones. Even so, due to their physical abilities, Rike and Deanna were able to do the work without any hazards.
 Krull raised the ridge and rafters, and Rike and Deanna installed them. In the meantime, they work on the floor.
 Using Japanese nails left over from the previous work, they put up braces between the pillars. It would have been nice to cut holes in the braces to make them more elaborate, but we didn't do that this time. The joists were placed on top of the braces.
 The day ended with the completion of the roof, which was yet to be covered, and the floor, which was yet to be covered. Without the scaffolding, it would have looked like a collapsed house, not a house under construction.
 It's not every day that a house has a terrace built in afterwards. Still, the work is progressing faster than I expected. It should be ready tomorrow. .......

 And the next day. Samija and Helen had finished cutting the boards the day before, so they joined us in hammering on the roof and floor boards.
 The sound echoed in the air with an eerie rhythm. It was a different sound from the usual blacksmithing work, and interesting in its own way.


 Helen, who had been hammering on the floorboards, frowned instead of making a pleasant sound. Apparently, she had hit her finger.

Are you okay?
Yeah, I didn't hit it too hard, I'm fine.
Let me see.

 I took Helen's hand and looked at it. I took Helen's hand and looked at it. It wasn't red as she had said. It looks fine to me.

Tell me if it starts hurting.
"Okay, okay. ......

 Helen replied in a low voice. I wondered if it really hurt, and went back to my work.

"Okay, that's it!

 I said loudly as I finished hammering in the last nail to hold the floorboards in place.
 Everyone else clapped, Krull poked his head in from outside and cooed, and Lucy was running around.
 The terrace is complete. The fact that we didn't have to build a wall made it a lot easier. Even so, it took our whole family three days, so it's not something that can be built easily.
 The number of such facilities can't be increased so much. .......

"Now I can get some fresh air even if it keeps raining.
I can do my laundry.
Maybe I'll put up some benches.
Can I raise my rain-sensitive children here?
Oh, the breeze is so nice.

 The whole family is talking about the new terrace.
 I said, "Good, good. You've done a good job," I said, patting Krull and thinking that it would be nice to add relaxing here to the family's "usual".