265 water tank construction

 The terrace is finished. All that remains is the aquarium, but that doesn't require an all-out effort.
 Since you wanted to go hunting at least once this week, I'll have the hunting team of Samija, Deanna, Liddy, and Helen go hunting.
 The other three are using the compound bows I made before, and Helen is using the bow that Samija used. Helen is using the bow that Samija used to use, though she can use a bow as well because of her former job.
 One of these days, I'll have to make a compound bow for Helen. At that time, I'll adjust it to be a little stronger to match her strength.
 Also, Lucy went with me. She'll be a great help to the hunting team once she gets used to hunting, and she'll listen to me when I'm being reckless. ...... You're wagging your tail, but you're listening, right?
 When I expressed my concern, he said.

I'm sure he'll be fine. She's smart.

 That's what Deanna said. She's smart. With her bow in her hand and the wolf at her side, she looked like a mythical goddess.
 At the moment, the wolf is a baby wolf, which doesn't make for a good picture, and the clothes are unrefined for hunting.

"Well, be careful.
"Okay, I'm off.

 After seeing off the four of us, including Samija, who was waving her hands in the air, Rike and I assembled the tank. First, we laid out the bottom board by fletching it together like the flooring in the previous world.
 Make the convex side a little thicker and tap it into place with a mallet. If the wood is sufficiently dry, it will interlock more firmly when it expands with water after this, and this should prevent leakage to some extent, even if full-scale waterproofing is impossible.
 However, in the case of this water tank, the blacksmith's cheat worked better because it is a kind of forge equipment. The water tank in the forge is made of hollowed out stone, but it is indispensable for the forge because water is used in many ways for hardening and other operations.
 After making the bottom of the tank in this way, I made pillars and wall panels for the four corners and assembled them to fit into the tank.

 Normally, these would be assembled into a cylinder shape using vertical boards and tightened with metal bands (as in the cistern on the roof of an American building in the previous world), but in this case, for simplicity's sake, I'm making a square cistern.
 Only a part of the horizontal board at the lowest point was made to allow water to drain out by sliding the wooden board, just like a sluice gate (not so exaggerated) to let water into a rice field.
 The work was done by only two people, but since it was done by me and Rike's team of blacksmiths, and since it wasn't that big, it was a little complicated, but it was completed by evening.

Is that it?
"I think we'll have enough for this.

 The two of us looked at the finished tank. If it were to be used for drinking water, it would probably need a lid or something to keep out fallen leaves, but since it was for domestic use, it was left empty.
 We wondered whether we should extend the gutter from the roof or not, but decided to forgo it, since we heard that it rains a lot during the rainy season. I decided to forgo the idea, because I heard that it rains a lot during the rainy season, and it would rain sometimes even after the rainy season ends.

Looking at it like this, it looks like a bath tub.
"Is this what baths are like in the North?
Yes. They store water like this and soak in it.
Wow, it's like having a hot spring at home.
How was it at your parents' house?
It's the same as now. But I used to go to the hot springs in the mountains sometimes. It's good for injuries.

 I heard that his parents lived near a mine. If so, there must be hot springs in the area.

I've never heard of any hot springs around here.
"Right. I asked Samija about it before, but she said she didn't know of any springs with warm water.
I see. ......

 I don't complain too much about not being able to soak in a bathtub in this world, probably because I was a shower person in my previous world, but as a former Japanese, I sometimes feel like doing it.
 But as an ex-Japanese, I sometimes feel like doing it. And moreover, my current means of earning a living is blacksmithing, which makes me sweat every day. How refreshing it would be to be able to take a hot bath.
 I'm sure Rike and maybe Deanna know how good it feels, but I'd like to share it with the rest of you. This might be a good time to move up the house bath project.
 Just as I was thinking about this, Krull came slinking out of the hut. Maybe the hunting team came back.
 Me and Rike started to clean up the work to welcome them.